Brand new Onewheel XR battery wont recharge

  • Just got my one wheel three weeks ago, and have ridden it for about 44 miles. its at 16% power, so when i plug it in to recharge, the green light on the charger stays green and doesn’t turn red. I tried turning it off, then plugging it in, then plugging it in, turning it on, and turning it off. no change, and it wont charge. Before when i wanted to recharge it, i just plugged it in..and it worked fine.

    Are there other suggestions, am i doing something wrong?


  • @bwn after you plug it in and the light stays green hold the power button down to reset

  • Had to end up sending it in to Onewheel for repair. they didn’t say what the problem was but replaced a component and now it’s working fine.

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