"I need my personal space" error message after replacing griptape

  • I purchased my Onewheel about 10 months ago. I just replaced my griptape on the front pad. I am now getting the "I need my personal space" message and the board is unrideable. Any suggestions on what I might do?

    I live in the Bay Area if that's helpful....

  • I realize that it's most likely problem with the front sensor. Should I try to replace the front pad (I replaced it from one from Craft & Ride)? Is there something I can do to "reset" the front sensor? I was unable to manually cycle through the ride settings using the front sensor (as was suggested in another post in this forum about this issue)...

  • @craig man feel your pain. I have some new grip tape, Float Life, and I am waiting a bit. Do be sure to look at his video on replacing tape.

  • Huge thanks to someone in this forum, I took a hair dryer and slowly warmed up the front pad. All working again. Please be more careful than me replacing that front grip tape!!

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