XR top speeds

  • Hello everyone,

    I ride my new XR for some weeks now and I noticed that my top speed in mission, elevated and delirium is always the same and is at 24.5 km/h. I read some topics that said people can achieve 20mph (~32km/h) and I'm wondering why the delirium setting do not accept higher speed than mission. (And the speed for mission should be 19mph (30km/h) and i cannot reach this speed at all)
    I tried to switch mode to elevated to ensure it changes the mode and the nose elevation can be feeled so the changes occurs correctly.

    (I did not tried the sequoia and cruz modes yet.)

    Do you have any idea ?

  • I weigh 165lb. can’t get any of my 3 boards (2x Onewheel+, one XR) above 15 mph before pushback starts.

    In my experience 19mph is a myth and is thoroughly discouraged by the software.

    Which is perfect because anything above 15 is pretty unsafe and not fun compared to nice relaxing carving.

  • @readysetawesome said in XR top speeds:

    In my experience 19mph is a myth and is thoroughly discouraged by the software.

    Since v1 my son 45#s then easily hit 20
    I have discouraged the high speed due to the fact it is a break neck speed.

  • @fruitygreen I see, it must be a weight/stance thing that is keeping me at 15

  • I have experienced very much the same. Pushback in mission mode is occurring at around 15-16 mph. Absolute top speed for my board is reported at 18.8 mph. It doesn't bother me to have a top cruising speed around 15-16. What I don't like is that the pushback puts the board at an angle that doesn't feel as stable for me. When I slow down the board does even out - as shown in the manual. It just seems to be a matter of finding that 'sweet-spot' speed that is comfortable cruising with the board level, and not constantly in a cycle of 'accelerate - pushback - slow down/level.'