Soooo worth the wait!

  • Day 4 since my Onewheel arrived, I've riden 57 miles so far and I'm totally hooked! I'm 45, I skated for 30+ yrs, surfed for 10+yrs, never snowboarded in my life (don't care for the cold) and from my experiences this thing is the perfect combo of surf/skate. Really glad I held out for the XR, having that much range is unbelievable! Couple bumps and bruises and I had to fix my screen door (got off balanced on my back patio on day 1 and shot the onewheel and my foot and ankle through the bottom of the screen door lol oops!) I've sent some msgs from the app to others wheelers and hope to have some riding buddies soon but till then float on!

  • @Devon I know the feeling. Grats on your experience.

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply WT!

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