Minimum rider weight and fast pressure sensor degradation

  • I have 2 boards registered to me. I have a Onewheel+ and a Onewheel XR.

    I have ridden the OW+ for 9 months with "only" 2 nosedives without push back and my weight is 205 lbs. Very rarely my girlfriend rode it (who was 108 lbs at the time) but she had a pause for a few months. I bought the second XR board so she can ride my OW+ dedicated.

    The problem is that the OW+ board does not even start most of the time now when she steps on it (she got lighter 105lbs now), just turns over and hits the ground as if she was air. And when it detects her there is a small chance that the motor turns off while riding (slowly 3-8 mph) thinking she is not on the board anymore leading to serious injury. She tried the brand new XR as well, but even that did not turn on like 1 out of every 4 tries, though it have not turned off while riding so far. (albeit very few tries, understandably she is scared of the product now).

    Are the pressure sensors so low quality in the most expensive self balancing board out there that in a few months it cannot detect my lightweight girlfriend properly anymore? Is there a way to software re-calibrate the sensor to her lower weight so that even after this sensor degradation she can ride safely.

    The most bizarre thing is that even the brand new XR board had few issues with her weight? The board is advertised many times with children who I assume weigh less than 105 lbs. The specs of the board mention maximum rider weight but not minimum...

    The scary thing everyone should consider who is thinking on buying a board is that I have just found out that they have only 6 months of guarantee for the foot pads with the pressure sensors. Future Motions seems to know that they use bad quality pressure sensors and they last exactly 6 months as in my case when it comes to it being able to detect my lighter gf.

  • reaction of the sensor is dependent upon weight and shoe type (flat soft soles work well, or even better barefoot). >100 lbs shopuld do the trick though

  • Just so you know, my son weighs 38lbs and he is able to activate the board!!
    With my support he can trundle around no problem at a slow walking pace with me at the side of him.
    I have the XR.

  • I would love to see someone build a compatible footpad sensor that uses a better way or better sensors.

  • @floater I have put over 1500 miles and 9 months on my original foot pads, they can still detect a 90 pound rider very reliable. I see no difference in performance vs day one. Maybe you got defective sensors but it’s not accurate to say they are knowingly shipping out flimsy or destined-to-fail equipment. It is quite the opposite in my experience owning 3 different boards. Maybe she would benefit from trying different shoes or foot positions on the front side?

  • I've had my og onewheel take off on me when I put a 4 litre water jug on it after forgetting it was on. Though maybe the older boards had more sensitive sensors.

  • @floater

    Have you had her try bare feet vs flip flops vs various shoes? You can look at the app when she is getting on the board and make sure the heel and toe icons show that she had engaged both sides of the sensors.

    From my experience, it's very shoe type / sole type dependent with lighter riders. I've had 40-220 lb people on my board without issue. Maybe you have a faulty sensor because no issue in the past 13 months.

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