No pushback in Mission mode = road rash all over my body after nosedive @23mph

  • I had just finished watching the OneWheel instructional video on push back -, and took my OW out on a flat concrete path and got going fast. Expecting the push back to kick in, I continued to lean forward, finally reaching a top speed of 23mph. Well, push back never kicked in, and my weight had shifted too far forward that I was unable to pull back to brake. Next thing I know, my OW nosedives and I meet the ground at close to top speed. I had a helmet on, but I I scraped my arms, legs and even my back as I flipped over the front of the board. I'm lucky to have not broken something, and shudder to think about what would've happened to me without the helmet.
    Future Motion, this is extremely dangerous, and the videos and documentation about push back are not consistent with the behavior I experienced. Is my board defective? Is this a bug? Do I need to enable push back on my board? Anybody else have similar experiences? I see many people on the forum are experiencing push back in Delirium mode, so I would assume it should be enabled for Mission as well.

  • @scotterer well congrats on being the first OW owner that doesn't have pushback!

    Seriously, how many miles do you have on the board? Which mode were you riding in? What's your weight? How many times have you experienced pushback before? XR or OW+?

  • @skyman88 I know, right? Seems like I'm the only one on here complaining about the lack of push back. I have experienced push back a couple of times, once during low battery and once in Sequoia mode on flat ground. I have the OW+, and was riding in Mission mode, only about 50 miles on my board. I weigh about 150 lbs.
    The push back and nosedive issue is the biggest safety risk with the OW, in my opinion. I really want to get it figured out, and I think we all need to understand exactly how it works, or is supposed to work.

  • @scotterer, at the speeds your speaking of your asking for a nose dive brother. And if your asking for it you can't complain when you get it. I'm not trying to come off as a jerk but it's the honest truth. Goin 23 mph on your onewheel is not safe, it's dumb and for anyone pushing those limits all I can say is "If your gonna be dumb, you better be tough!" I work at an ER and I know all to well how unpleasant road rash can be, I hope you heal up fast and ride safer in the future! Float on bruh!

  • @devon yah I learned my lesson for sure, I don't plan to push it that hard again. But in my defense, I didn't mean to get going that fast. Once my weight started leaning too far forward, I couldn't pull back to brake, so the board just kept increasing speed, and without push back I couldn't shift weight back to my rear foot. This is exactly the type of thing that push back is supposed to prevent, or so I thought.

  • @scotterer The board can't slow you down, the "pushback" is simply lifting the nose subtly, giving you an early warning. If you shift your weight too far forward, the nose won't be able to lift, it will just keep accelerating harder to keep you balanced, and you are going to eat it. Wear some pads, road rash sucks.


  • @scotterer you are not supposed to lean forward! Your supposed to keep your body centered over the wheel and just push your foot forward like a gas pedal. (Kind of)

  • @scotterer said in No pushback in Mission mode = road rash all over my body after nosedive @23mph:

    This is exactly the type of thing that push back is supposed to prevent, or so I thought.

    Well not at that speed! All the motors power is working at keeping the speed your pushing for so there is nothing left to keep you up.
    It's not built for speed, if you need that you should look att electric longboards.

  • @makermarc thanks for the feedback. I really don't think that I "pushed through" the push back, honestly, I never felt it kick in. If I had ignored the warning and tried to push through it, then yah, I'd agree, it's all on me. But I've experienced push back before, in Sequoia mode, and unless it's MUCH more subtle in Mission, it never kicked in.
    I'll ride more cautiously in the future, and stay on my back foot, but in this case I really didn't feel like I was being reckless, or trying to go too fast. I was just cruising, probably around 15-16 mph, accelerated a little more, never felt any kind of push back, and before I knew the board had nosedived. Do you guys experience push back in Mission mode specifically?

  • @khayman Nah, I didn't mean to get going that fast, really. I got leaning forward, never felt push back and then it was too late. My body weight was shifted too far forward. I'll be more cautious in the future, and cruise while leaving my weight centered or slightly back. But, do you experience push back in Mission mode specifically? Or Delirium?

  • @scotterer 50 miles of experience, so you don't really have a good reference for how pushback works in all situations. Sometimes it is more subtle and you can skip right over it. I feel that approaching 15mph quickly on flat smooth pavement makes it more noticeable (but you have to be ready to pull back, don't sit at pushback speed). Approaching it really slow or sitting at 15-16mph it may level out without you noticing. At least that's been my experience.

  • @scotterer One of the absolute most important things you should be practicing is "Braking Fucking Hard". At not point should you be going faster than you can pull yourself back and stop as hard as possible. At top speeds it's harder, but very much possible, you just have to practice. Tips: Pull back from the hip, imagine you're about to sit back into a chair, or that you're water skiing.

    Also, let the board do the acceleration for you. I think the reason for a lot of people nose diving is they try to get the board to accelerate faster than it wants to. How quickly you can get up to speed depends on a lot of factors: weight, terrain, incline, wind, etc... Let the board get itself up to speed and just ride it out.

  • @scotterer said in No pushback in Mission mode = road rash all over my body after nosedive @23mph:

    But, do you experience push back in Mission mode specifically? Or Delirium?

    Its way less pushback in mission! It's more "tender", it's almost like inside of your head, your not sure if you imagine it or if it's real.
    In Delirium I definitely feel it more.

  • @khayman that's helpful thanks! I'm going to try some other modes get a feel for it.

  • Pushback is real, I assure you, and we all have the same hardware and software. but it’s more real in delerium for sure. happening for me at 15mph in delerium

    traveling at 23 mph on the board for any amount of time is an insane death wish

  • Max speed for Mission according to FM = 19mph.
    Goes 23+mph and crashes.

    The board must be defective!

    Just take your time and learn how to ride it. What you did was basically the equivalent of having little to no skateboarding experience, stepping on a skateboard and bombing a hill, getting speed wobbles and wrecking, then saying skateboards are defective.

  • Also: Pushback was never intended to be a speedometer. People feel it at different speeds, I suspect it depends on weight/terrain/riding style more than absolute speed

  • I have around 100 miles on xr I have had a few minor wipeouts at slow speeds. But Saturday I was in mission mode cruising along at I would guess to be about 15 miles an hour , I sped up just a bit with absolutely no push back the board seemed like it just shut off and nosed dived and I went to the hospital. I have experienced plenty of push back and respected it ever time . So it seems others have been having some of the same issues , so because some have not had this issue does not mean it does not exist

  • Push back aside, you'll also get used to using your ears more to listen for motor working harder which is usually a good sign to slow down (on my v1 at least).

  • @regulat0r I do the same thing on my V1 but the Plus and XR is very hard to tell based on the sound of the motor because it's so silent compared to the V1.