In every highspeed mode, the pushback begins at 25kmh?!

  • Is this normal, that the pushback begins at 25kmh in every mode, but i want to drive faster without pushback?!

  • @etschi4 Yes normal.

    Pushback begins right around 15 mph (25kmh) for most rider. Weight, incline, wind, etc... all play a little role, but 15 mph is the correct starting point. You can't ride faster without pushback.

  • @etschi4 the pushback is there to tell you it is reaching it's limit.

  • @etschi4 in lament terms pushback is your onewheel's way of telling you to grab a big ol' spoon cause your about to eat SH*T. If speed is what your looking for get a boosted board, hell get Hayabusa you can speed out like a mad man with a meth lab lol! Seriously though the obsession a lot onewheeler's seem to have with speed is only gonna get you busted up. Float, cruise, carve, learn tricks and enjoy it for what it is. Ride safe, Deuces!

  • @devon well said. that is what attracted me to it. that's why they call it the "float life". I think it was a good idea when OW removed speed from the leaderboards. Still, it was fun watching the race for the rail, the other day. but it wasn't me crashing so....

  • @wheelrich exactly, I love watching Slydogs videos flyin through Chi town traffic, bombing through everywhere he goes. It's awesome, and his riding style is sooo smooth. But he has a ton of miles under his belt, I just got my XR a week ago and I am No Stroh! lol But now I'm a Float junkie and can't get enough, anyone in the SWFL (Cape Coral / Ft. Myers) area wants to get together an ride I'm down!

  • @devon I love those videos too. My goal is to do some nice beach carving when I get comfortable. Seems like 90% of the dives are speed related. most of the others seem to be over or under charge related. I am trying to learn from the experience of those who have gone before.

  • In the first week riding XR, I felt pushbacks at 16-17 mph. After a few weeks, I can riding (speed up slowly) up to 21 mph kind of easy without feeling pushbacks. However, if I accelerate hard from 0mph ... I still feel pushbacks at 16-17 mph ? Any ideas? Is there any problems? XR is my first OW ever ...

  • @Devon @wheelrich I love that guys videos too. The angles and fluidity of his floatiness mixed with those chill tracks are a great thing to relax to.

  • @tomfoolery Did you see his recent offroad video? It's with a group, but he takes off ahead on his own for most of it. A desert run on what look to be bike trails. Just as good as he is on pavement. My goal is to get 1/10th of the board feel that Slydog has! I am too old to go for more than that. OK, maybe 1/5th. lol

  • @wheelrich YES!!! That guy rides like he was born with a onewheel under him. I can’t seem to look away when I’m watching him float.

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