Catalina Island Onewheel Hill Bomb

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    Did you guys know there aren't any Catalina Island Onewheel videos on YouTube?!
    Until now!

    Enjoy this vid of Raequel McCosker Hoffman being a total badass and pushing 25+mph down a big ol' hill on Catalina Island.

    Oh, did I mention she went faster than about 50 dudes at Race For The Rail and made it to semi-finals?! Yeah, she rules.

    Float on, my friends :)

  • @jeffmccosker What a ride! I love watching videos of you, Raequel (btw and with all due respect she is a GODDESS) and the whole TFL crew. Mad skills! As a noob floater I'm in awe! But as an ER Nurse I cringe at the thought of anyone having an accident without any protective equipment. At the very least a helmet, I'm not a preacher and this is no pulpit but as someone who's seen when someone has had to re learn to feed themselves, walk, talk or wipe their own ass it's very sad especially when it could have possibly been avoided. Anyhow much love to TFL crew an thanks for doin what you do! Shaka, Bruh!

  • Amazing video! I kept dreading a crash at any time. I'm surprised there was no issue with over regen. Amazing control.

  • That's totally bonkers! But awesome 😃

  • @devon Yeah I hear ya. We have good friends with brain damage, paralyzed from the neck or waist down, lost limbs, died, all while shredding and chasing adrenaline. Helmets are smart for sure, but we tend to be dumb sometimes. Raequel is actually a professional wakeboarder so she has an insane amount of boardsport experience. That being said, you're totally right and accidents can happen anytime. Stay safe and wear a helmet kids!

  • In the video, the board can be seen "pushing back" as top speed is exceeded repeatedly. It makes the board harder to control. The manual specifically warns against this because it is so insanely dangerous to go faster than what the motor can safely handle.

    The video is exactly the kind of thing that will inspire dumb kids and adults to try to exceed 15 or 20mph in the first couple weeks. Who needs pads? Go Faster!

  • As an adult if you choose not to pad / helmet up, I support your freedom to make that decision for yourself just as if you choose not to wear your seat belt in a car or wear a helmet on a motorcycle. I admittedly do tire of hearing people tell the tale of how they were pushing past the onewheels limitations, ate shit and then proceed to blame the board? Or to simplify I'm just tired of people in general not taking responsibility for their actions, so be safe or don't it's up to you, if you come to my work as a patient I'll take care of you all the same lol. Duces

  • Yeah just to be clear I support adults having the freedom to take risks. But teenagers watch YouTube and TFL videos and will try anything with little or no experience. Especially with the post bragging about far exceeding speeds the board was designed for, seems like someone (young) will definitely get the wrong idea watching this.

  • She's really good. I've enjoyed watching her videos. This video is not good. I'm sorry to say, that was reckless and stupid and needlessly put her safety and the safety of other people on that road at risk. She could have easily lost control of the board (which was clearly pushing back quite a bit) or the board could have stopped just as somebody was coming the other direction and she could have potentially been thrown off right into oncoming traffic and, boom, her carelessness could have imposed itself on somebody else's life.

    And then, as others have pointed out, there's the fact that this will almost certainly inspire the young and undeveloped brains of some teenagers who don't have the executive control or forethought or consideration not to do this. Seriously, not cool. /rant

  • @readysetawesome average age of a OW owner is 39 years old. The vast majority of kids can't afford Onewheels. If parents buy their kids a OW and don't make them wear a helmet, that's on the parents.

  • @getpittedbruh or you know, she could be a professional athlete with both the skill and knowledge to pull this off with minimal risk. Just a thought.

    Do you get upset at NFL players every Sunday? A new study showed 99% of them develop CTE aka brain damage as a result of playing football. Or how about cheerleading which is by far the most dangerous sport. If you know your limits, Onewheels are pretty damn safe compared to a lot of things we could be doing.

  • @jeffmccosker False analogy man... she could have easily veered off into traffic and messed up someone else's life... not cool on multiple levels...

  • NFL players tend not to push the limits of their sport in public spaces, like on public roads, for example. That's a pretty relevant difference. If people want to gear up and bang their heads around in an area designated for that and take the very, very high risk of damaging their brains, go for it. But, you know, if a bunch of football bros geared up and started playing football on a public road where their recklessness has a non-negligable chance of disrupting other people's lives, then yeah, that's a choice that fails to contemplate broader society and should be considered, dare I say, unethically selfish.

    It's not merely that she's not wearing gear. If she wants to bomb around without gear, by all means. There's no question, she's very, very good. Still not very wise given all that can go wrong and still has a chance of influencing undeveloped brains to do something they shouldn't do (push past the safety limits of the board without safety gear). But in this case not only is she doing that, but she's also pushing past the safety features of the board on a public road where her choice has a non-negligable chance of imposing itself on somebody else's life. It didn't in this case. That's good. But just because a drunk driver makes it home sometimes doesn't mean drunk driving is a-okay.

  • @getpittedbruh Are you seriously comparing riding a Onewheel down a hill to drunk driving?! You lost me there my dude.

    Plus Catalina Island has almost no cars. Worst case scenario, she dents someone's bumper and they are a few minutes late to wherever they are going. Chill out and go for a float man.

  • @jeffmccosker said in Catalina Island Onewheel Hill Bomb:

    @getpittedbruh Are you seriously comparing riding a Onewheel down a hill to drunk driving?! You lost me there my dude.

    If that's the point you think I was making there, then I'm afraid you simply missed the point. I'll generalize the claim for you.

    An action that is risky need not result in a negative consequence in every instance, and yet, it still ought to be avoided. Drunk driving is risky, but people do it and live. The fact that people do it and live isn't a reason to think it's ok to do or that it wasn't wrong to do it.

    Likewise, bombing a hill on a onewheel, blowing through the board's safety features, and wearing no protective gear all whilst doing this on a public road is risky, but people do it and live (you've provided video evidence of that). The fact that people bomb hills on onewheels, blow through the board's safety features, and wear no protective gear and do all that on public roads and live isn't a reason to think it's ok to do or that it wasn't wrong to do it.

    Plus Catalina Island has almost no cars. Worst case scenario, she dents someone's bumper and they are a few minutes late to wherever they are going. Chill out and go for a float man.

    That's pretty far from the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is something like the board shuts down, she veers into an oncoming car, they don't have time to react because they're not expecting somebody crossing into their lane on a skateboardish thing, and they run over her with a very heavy automobile. That's a potential traumatic, legal, insurance, health problem for her and the driver. Failing to consider that is a moral failure to consider the social context and the plausibilities.

    Again, it didn't happen, which is super cool. She's amazing. You're amazing. Stripped of all the ethical issues, what's in that video is an incredible display of talent. I wish I was as good as you guys. But I don't wish to emulate that type of recklessness because I don't think it adequately takes into consideration the context and environment, which includes other people. I don't believe this instance defines your characters. I'm sure you're wonderful people. But in this instance you did something you shouldn't have done. I do things I shouldn't do sometimes, and I'm happy to be given argument for why I ought not to have done them.

    I'm both a fast typist and (as you can see) pretty verbose, so it probably seems like this is something occupying a lot of my time, but it isn't. We all make mistakes. I think you guys made one. I'm glad it worked out. I'm just explaining my reasoning here.

    For all I know, no laws were broken, and even if laws were broken, I'm not the onewheel police (despite the impression my posts might give you). I'm just trying to make a cogent argument for why what that video depicts something that 1) you probably shouldn't have done, and 2) something people generally shouldn't do, regardless of their ability, professional or otherwise.

  • Maybe a simple "do not try this at home" and "always wear a helmet" notice at the beginning would suffice. Seems to work elsewhere. It IS an amazing feat. I have watched it a couple times to gain insight on board control. But, I am sure I will never attempt to duplicate it. Still, it would be a disservice to remove it.

    I saw a video posted several places online of a guy OWing drunk with no gear and taking a fall. He was back the next day doing more. People seem to be celebrating him. Go after that guy!

    CORRECTION: I shouldn't assume he was drunk, just because he is carrying a beer while riding.

  • @wheelrich Oh yeah, that guy was definitely drunk! We take calculated risks, that guy throws caution to the wind!

    Thanks for your comment and I agree with you. Those warnings are typically put there because the lawyers say so, due to people not having common sense or wanting to take responsibility for their own actions anymore. No one should have to tell a full grown adult that if they attempt something beyond their abilities, they could fail. These days it's all, "ow, I got hurt! Who can I blame besides myself for this!"

  • Hey guys, whether or not to wear protective gear is a personnel choice. There's a dozen Onewheels in my neighborhood and not a single person wears a helmet. My next door neighbor has done over 5 K miles. So far...… so good. Safety last!

  • Speaking from experience, a concussion changes your personnel choice really fast! I do cringe when I watch parts of this, but I still think it's amazing and I still ride, but anymore, always with a helmet.

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