Extreme(balance challenged) Newbie impressions

  • Day 3- morning
    92 degrees - so cal -extreme newbie! 190-6 ft

    Last night I had dreams of just gliding across my lumpy grassy backyard, but one attempt and it wasn't going to happen. As I said above, this for "real newbies", not board athletes who just happen to be new to OW. My issue is balance on the sides...the board takes care of front to back balance. Once I am able to get out on the roads, I doubt I would use either of them.

    So I did more carport chair training, with a couple of changes.

    1st I tried both Cruz and Sequoia. Heard a lot of negatives about them, but, if you are on a very flat surface (cement for me) and just trying to develop your side to side balance by riding forward and backward over and over, it is fine. Takes away the worry about your board flying off if you step off incorrectly.

    2d change I made was, instead of trying awkwardly to balance perfectly and ride back and forth...I just went ahead and used the 3 plastic chairs I have lined up for balance. This way I was able to move more freely and start getting a real feel for the board. So my session was much longer than before...around an hour. It was enough to feel the ache and shake in my feet and ankles. Obviously I need to do more of these drills to strenghten my ankles and get rid of the foot shakes, which are interrupting my balance.

    Newbie rank re-evaluation: Newbie 3rd Class (N3C). It was audacious of me to claim N1C so early in my game. I have to go thru the ranks like most people.
    Extreme Newbie Motto: the only shame is in giving up too soon!

  • No training tomorrow. Just got my Jeep out of the shop in time for an all day Jeep road trip. Leave in the morning, return at night. And Sunday is Father's Day, although I will try to squeeze some time on the board then. Gotta progress!

  • @wheelrich Jeep wave lol

  • @devon back at ya. nice dog!

  • @onedan Took you 90 miles? LOL. I'd had my first 20mph digger within an hour of opening the box.

  • @onewheel-miami said in Extreme Newbie impressions:

    @onedan Took you 90 miles? LOL. I'd had my first 20mph digger within an hour of opening the box.

    Yeah, well, my first nosedive was actually at maybe 3mph . . . trying to show off and leaned heavily forward to try to take off quickly . . . next thing I know, I'm smashed into the sidewalk with rashes and ripped jeans. Had all the gear on, but it wasn't the best gear, so some of it just slid out of way. Have since upgraded, LOL.

  • Welcome! I too am a noob to OW but I do have some board experience about 15 years ago. Put my first 20 miles down yesterday. Keep at it! Practice makes perfect. You’re going to love this even more when you get it out on the streets! What are you going to name your board?

  • @makerjc I came with something quite clever for a name: "Rich's Onewheel". Considered Wheelrich's Onewheel, but that seemed redundant.

  • Newbie Indoor Exercise: Just before I hit the Jeep trail for today, thought I would share something I tried last night. Place your OW in front of the couch. Sit your butt down and put on some great OW videos, if you can. Put your feet on the proper spots, and while you watch TV work your ankles by moving the board, as if you were riding hard. I can already feel them getting stronger. Simple exercise that works the muscles around your ankles and gives you more "board feel".

  • If you’re killing time in front of the TV why not actually mount the board and do figure eights? That will really strengthen your muscles.

  • @devon
    Thanks - that and Chris' other instructional videos are very helpful. Today, I practiced figure 8s and heel-up dismounts on my front lawn for an hour. Heading out now for more practice and maybe a ride around the neighborhood.

  • @mtntrails may the float be with you!

  • @readysetawesome I think you are missing the points here.

    1. I don't have enough balance to go far in a straight line, let alone do figure 8s.

    2. Doing the tv exercise is to make use of the time when it's too dark to train outside, and to build up muscles so that I CAN eventually do figure 8s.

    Check the title...EXTREME Newbies. This is a place for those of us who struggle with this. I am struggling...but still determined. There are plenty of threads for those who get this right away. I am not one of you, and I think there are some others like me. So please don't come here to make fun of us. We are doing the best we can. Thanks for understanding.

  • @wheelrich whey helped me was lean your body more less just feet to turn. Bend knees slightly when going strait to absorb any bump

  • @jbnerkg Thanks. I am doing the knee bend, no problem. Just very shaky on the side to side balance. I do fine on my balance board, which is 360, not just front to back. But some reason the OW is more difficult for me. I think it is partly because I can't move my feet, for fear of loosing sensor contact, and it throws me a little.

  • Day 4- at last, a little progress

    Early evening, and I am just taking a quick break from training, for a drink, and to post this update.

    Tonight I have been "circling the wagon". I parked my Jeep Unlimited Rubicon in the middle of my grassy backyard (very lumpy and uneven). I have been circling it over and over, touching the sides as I go for balance. I am actually starting to get moving a bit faster, and smoother. Started out on Cruz, then Mission, now Delirium. Delirium gives me the best power to get around the corners, and climb over uneven turf.

    Starting to get the feel of the board. I actually heard about this method from a youtube guy from Singapore, who said he used his car for the same purpose. Well my Jeep is a 4 door Wrangler, with very vertical sides to touch for balance without having to learn over.

    STANCE. I am still trying to find the most effective position for my feet, at least laterally. Since they hang over on both sides, I have a couple inches to play with either way. I only reposition them after I stop, not while I have the board activated.

    Anyway, lots of work ahead, but it is feeling more possible each day.

    OK, back to training....

    p.s. the ankle flex exercises I have been doing in front of the tv, using the board, are starting to pay off already. I recommend them. See my Newbie Indoor Exercise post.

  • Day 5- morning warmup- Gotta head out for some daytime duties, but wanted to get a quick morning warm up before I get ready to go, so I just did 20 laps around my Jeep. Tried Elevated for a couple, but ended up on Delirium. It is the one with the most power, so easier to get over the more lumpy parts of the yard, especially on the turns. Also practiced just swaying to and fro while balancing on the board. It's coming, little by little.

    Still using the Jeep for balance assistance, but picking up a little speed. Can feel it in my calves more. If I get home early enough I will do a longer session this evening.

  • Day 6- morning, more of the same
    The chores of life are catching up with me, so didn't have as much time to train, but I got a few Jeep laps in the morning before I headed out. Don't want to lose what progress I have made. Moving a little faster and making the corner turns smoother.

  • @wheelrich Have you tried pavement yet? Sounds like you spend a lot of time in the grass... Which is much trickier... I advise folks to spend about twenty minutes on hard dirt or grass and then move to pavement...

  • I agree. I started in grass when I received my XR yesterday and the difference between my bumpy yard and my driveway and neighborhood street was almost night and day. Way easier to control and (for me) learn all aspects on the pavement.

    Floating is awesome.

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