Extreme(balance challenged) Newbie impressions

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    @wheelrich can you upload a movie of where you´re at progression wise ? There is another 72-year old on the FB groups

    Happy Birthday to me

    OK, so Saturday I turned 73. I spent some of it Onewheeling while my daughter and grandson watched. Here is one of the videos she took. I was a bit rusty, but by the end of the session I was loosening up and riding more freely. This is at a park somewhere between Crestline and Lake Arrowhead. After this we ate at a mex food place in Lake Arrowhead. Best birthday!


    Currently I am working on some very light off road riding.

  • @wheelrich Way to go @ 73. Happy birthday !

  • @ooww Thanks. I finally posted that video you asked for. Old man on a wheel. lol

  • @wheelrich

    Strong work, brother.

  • @AceCannon Thanks. I have noticed several people buy these, try them a bit, then give up. I am glad I hung in there, proving almost anyone can do it, if they stick to it. There is a whole range of riding styles and abilities. Something for everyone. I intend to keep improving.

  • Nice 5 mile ride with my nephew around University of Redlands campus. Mostly sidewalks. He is a natural. First ride and he is already ahead of me. Youth and skateboard experience paid off! It was a beautiful day. It challenged my turning abilities. My control continues to improve. So I have a current total of 70 miles on the board. I also rode a bit in a rough dirt parking lot there. That is still a challenge for me, but getting better.



  • New Personal Best-

    Did my basketball court practice at Cal State again today. Did just over 5 miles with a friend. Beautiful day, 70's, light breeze. Just did figure 8's, ovals, etc. Getting more and more feel for the board until it is beginning to seem natural and intuitive. Although speed is unimportant to me (I am more concerned with control), I checked my app and found that I had improved my heretofore top speed of 9.9 mph, and replaced it with 11.8 mph. I did notice that my floats were getting smoother and more effortless. I guess the increase in speed was just a natural product of better technique. I have always felt that I would be fine topping out at around 12 mph. Just about there now.

    I still have to practice switch riding and more dirt, then grass riding. But I am feeling good about the amount of control I have. I can pass pedestrians on the campus sidewalks with little effort to avoid hitting them. I can come to almost a standstill, while staying on the board, as needed. And although my feet still get a bit sleepy after a few miles. overall I am enjoying the float immensely now. Total mileage:78

    Float on friends!

  • New Cross Campus ride

    Did about 6 miles today on the outdoor bball courts at Cal State S.Bernardino with my friend Sam. Then close to noon we decided to venture out and ride across the campus, one end to the other, on sidewalks and access roads. We successfully dodged students and faculty and actually rode outside the campus for a bit, before turning around and going back a different campus route. We got a few stares, and a couple "cool, what's that's?", but most students just walked with their faces buried in their phones, so we had to pick our way carefully thru some of the small pedestrian crowds. And in some of the parking lots we could hear engines running in parked cars, so we had to watch out for them as well.

    All in all a perfect day for riding, and a great training event to perfect board control skills.
    My current total mileage is 84 miles. Top speed today was 10.2 mph. Again, I am not riding for speed, just control and float enjoyment.

  • More personal records. More campus fun:

    Spent most of the afternoon cruising around the campus at Cal State with my nephew Blake (his second time onewheeling). Campus was mostly abandoned so we had wide open walkways and parking lots to play in. Rode across the street for a lunch stop, came back and rode even more.
    I hit a new total for the day of 12 miles. New high speed of 12.1 mph. And new total length of riding (with lots of rest stops) of approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours. In fact, we only left when we did because Blake had run his board down to 22 % and had a nose dive (which he successfully ran out)!

    Blake's new records included 14 miles of travel, and a top speed of 22.3 mph! Plus, the successful nose dive.

    We were still discovering new places on campus to explore, but finally left before he had another nose dive. Best day yet!

    0_1540174989519_IMG_5853 2.jpg

  • Phase 2 - DIRT - plus 100 miles!

    Went back yesterday afternoon, to the baseball field and rode 4 miles around on dirt surrounding the grass. This surface was not perfectly smooth, but was firm in most places. However, I did go down on my butt in some loose dirt, when the board slid out from under me once. Got up to about 7 mph. I was surprised how tired my feet got for such a short run. I guess it was because I was constantly readjusting to the changing angles of the surface. Even tho I tried to just let it happen naturally, it was more tiring than riding cement/pavement for 12 miles, like I did last week.

    I was encouraged by how much easier I did the run, however, than before. Anyone viewing my first effort in the video above, will see how cautiously I took it the first time I did it. And that was on an almost perfectly smooth path, unlike the condition of the one I did yesterday.

    AND...4 miles was just what I needed to put my total board travel at 100 MILES!

    UPDATE: Just ordered the new Burris 11X6 treaded tire made specifically for Onewheels. It is backordered 2 or 3 weeks, but when it comes I hope to have a bit more grip riding on dirt, and later when I try to learn to ride trails.

  • New top speed, more college learning, and a little dirt

    Did 10.2 miles at a Cal State campus, and achieved a new top speed of a whopping 13 miles per hour. Now, at 73, I don't know if that is any kind of record (and don't care really), but I doubt many 73 year olds have even ridden a OW. Although there is no reason a lot of them couldn't, if they wanted to.

    Besides warming up on the basketball courts, and cruising all over the campus via sidewalk and pavement, I did 2 laps on a hard packed dirt track, also.

    One observation: for me at least, is that after I have done about 8 miles, my legs, knees, and feet feel really warmed up and loose, to the point of having very good control. When I start out, I can ride ok, but turning and handling feels a bit awkward at times. After 8 miles I don't even have to think about it. Considering that, it's a good thing I can tolerate the longer rides...10, 12 miles, so I can make more progress and enjoy it more. I do stop and flex my numb feet even now and then, which helps a lot. Wasn't that long ago when doing 5 miles was a major accomplishment for me.

  • @wheelrich Don't go too crazy now! A 10 mile ride and 13 mph speed is a lot for many people.

    Congrats on keeping at it and making it to this point.

  • @skyman88 lol, thanks. It does seem fast to me, but then I don't have the rubber bones of my youth and tend to consider how it might feel nosediving at those speeds. BTW that mph is only a momentary high, usually on the basketball courts, not a prolonged ride. My float over the campus usually runs up to 5, maybe 6 mph, most of the time...maybe 8 on the long more boring stretches.

    The figure I am more pleased with is distance. Couple weeks ago I did 12 miles, with lunch and other breaks, over about 3 1/2 hours. This last one was 10 miles over 2 hours, no lunch, but short breaks.

    Also, now that I am starting to do a little dirt riding, I am beginning to really enjoy the freedom of the ride. Trying to get ready for that Burris tire I have on order.

  • This thread is inspirational. I just took the plunge and felt like the oldest rider in history around here in Denver. Nope! Thanks for sharing your experiences, wheelrich.

    My brief story: I started on my friend's board Version 1 then the +XR. Biffed it on my face on the V1 on pavement when I first started, but that was alcohol-associated I was hooked anyway. Night and day difference between these boards, but I knew what to expect thanks to my buddy sharing his. I am working up to some distance, now that I have the battery range, but like you pointed out - you have to build up the muscle sets in your feet and legs first. Float on!

  • @Striider Thanks for saying that. I am still enjoying the float. Rode Sat and Sun back at the college. Doing more rides on the dirt track, which is in terrible shape for running, but gives me a good place to get used to off road.

    One thing I am noticing more and more lately (and I have mentioned it before), is how really loose and relaxed I become by the end of my ride. At the beginning I am confident, but still a bit stiff and cautious. After 7, 10, 12 miles, I am so relaxed I cruise around without even thinking about stance, etc...just floating on the board. I even start ignoring my numb rear foot. Of course, I catch myself and remind myself that this is probably the point where so many have had issues, i.e. over confidence. But still...there is no substitute for riding, and riding some more. I am up to 136 miles. Would be more if I had more time to ride.

    I agree...float on!


    After an absence of a few weeks, I went back today to see how much I had forgotten about Onewheeling. Rode the Cal State campus again, with a friend. Was a bit chilly, but overall a beautiful So Cal day. Class is still in session, but the campus was noticeably emptier than usual.

    I no longer post every ride, but today I actually had 3 new "first's".

    1. First time riding in long pants, instead of shorts. Knee pads fit perfectly under my jeans, and kept my knees warm.
    2. First extended ride on grass. The winter grass was clipped nice and short, so it was easier to gauge the surface as I rode, and the ground was pretty level. So I rode over grass in a couple different locations, without incident.
    3. [drum roll...............] FIRST CURB DROP! As I was headed back to my Jeep from the day's ride I entered the main parking lot over what I thought was a yellow painted decline. I felt and heard a noticeable thump, then looked back to see that I had actually just flown over a full sized curb. Perfect landing with no sway or slow down after. I probably wouldn't have done as well, if I were expecting it.

    But a perfect ending to a perfect day. And yes, my feet and calves complained just a little, but by and large, I didn't seem to have forgotten a thing. Not bad for an old codger.

    Here's hoping Santa brings you all something OWlike in your stocking. Happy and Floating Greetings to all!

  • Wheelrich ... you’ve bored me to tears with all the detailed posts mate .....

  • @UKenthusiast Where it says "Watching" at the bottom of the page, click it and choose "do not notify me of unread posts". This is not for you, mate, but float well.

  • I'm 74 and put over 500 miles on my Onewheel last summer and fall. In September at the Reno Air Races (flew myself and my Onewheel down from Hood River, Oregon in my Long EZ) and stayed at the Sands casino. I got busted by security three days in a row for riding around inside the casino. "Listen, I'm a guest here. Also I'm handicapped and this is how I get around." They didn't buy it. Since then I put a 6" X 6" handicap sticker on it. Might work.

  • @speedracer lol. Good luck with that. Did you have any problems riding OUTSIDE the casinos?

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