Extreme(balance challenged) Newbie impressions

  • @skyman88 lol, thanks. It does seem fast to me, but then I don't have the rubber bones of my youth and tend to consider how it might feel nosediving at those speeds. BTW that mph is only a momentary high, usually on the basketball courts, not a prolonged ride. My float over the campus usually runs up to 5, maybe 6 mph, most of the time...maybe 8 on the long more boring stretches.

    The figure I am more pleased with is distance. Couple weeks ago I did 12 miles, with lunch and other breaks, over about 3 1/2 hours. This last one was 10 miles over 2 hours, no lunch, but short breaks.

    Also, now that I am starting to do a little dirt riding, I am beginning to really enjoy the freedom of the ride. Trying to get ready for that Burris tire I have on order.

  • This thread is inspirational. I just took the plunge and felt like the oldest rider in history around here in Denver. Nope! Thanks for sharing your experiences, wheelrich.

    My brief story: I started on my friend's board Version 1 then the +XR. Biffed it on my face on the V1 on pavement when I first started, but that was alcohol-associated I was hooked anyway. Night and day difference between these boards, but I knew what to expect thanks to my buddy sharing his. I am working up to some distance, now that I have the battery range, but like you pointed out - you have to build up the muscle sets in your feet and legs first. Float on!

  • @Striider Thanks for saying that. I am still enjoying the float. Rode Sat and Sun back at the college. Doing more rides on the dirt track, which is in terrible shape for running, but gives me a good place to get used to off road.

    One thing I am noticing more and more lately (and I have mentioned it before), is how really loose and relaxed I become by the end of my ride. At the beginning I am confident, but still a bit stiff and cautious. After 7, 10, 12 miles, I am so relaxed I cruise around without even thinking about stance, etc...just floating on the board. I even start ignoring my numb rear foot. Of course, I catch myself and remind myself that this is probably the point where so many have had issues, i.e. over confidence. But still...there is no substitute for riding, and riding some more. I am up to 136 miles. Would be more if I had more time to ride.

    I agree...float on!


    After an absence of a few weeks, I went back today to see how much I had forgotten about Onewheeling. Rode the Cal State campus again, with a friend. Was a bit chilly, but overall a beautiful So Cal day. Class is still in session, but the campus was noticeably emptier than usual.

    I no longer post every ride, but today I actually had 3 new "first's".

    1. First time riding in long pants, instead of shorts. Knee pads fit perfectly under my jeans, and kept my knees warm.
    2. First extended ride on grass. The winter grass was clipped nice and short, so it was easier to gauge the surface as I rode, and the ground was pretty level. So I rode over grass in a couple different locations, without incident.
    3. [drum roll...............] FIRST CURB DROP! As I was headed back to my Jeep from the day's ride I entered the main parking lot over what I thought was a yellow painted decline. I felt and heard a noticeable thump, then looked back to see that I had actually just flown over a full sized curb. Perfect landing with no sway or slow down after. I probably wouldn't have done as well, if I were expecting it.

    But a perfect ending to a perfect day. And yes, my feet and calves complained just a little, but by and large, I didn't seem to have forgotten a thing. Not bad for an old codger.

    Here's hoping Santa brings you all something OWlike in your stocking. Happy and Floating Greetings to all!

  • Wheelrich ... you’ve bored me to tears with all the detailed posts mate .....

  • @UKenthusiast Where it says "Watching" at the bottom of the page, click it and choose "do not notify me of unread posts". This is not for you, mate, but float well.

  • I'm 74 and put over 500 miles on my Onewheel last summer and fall. In September at the Reno Air Races (flew myself and my Onewheel down from Hood River, Oregon in my Long EZ) and stayed at the Sands casino. I got busted by security three days in a row for riding around inside the casino. "Listen, I'm a guest here. Also I'm handicapped and this is how I get around." They didn't buy it. Since then I put a 6" X 6" handicap sticker on it. Might work.

  • @speedracer lol. Good luck with that. Did you have any problems riding OUTSIDE the casinos?

  • Well...… I don't wear a helmet and fell on my head a couple dozen times. Other than that..... no.

  • Happy New Year Floaters!

    The Kush Report-
    So today I rode with my new Kush pad installed. I swapped out my beloved Cobrapad. While the Kush kinda looks like a mini cobra, it is significantly more shallow in the concave shape. But having recently ridden my old Onetail+ board, and today the Kush, I can honestly say, that my riding skill is fine with any of the 3 pads. This was a concern, because, until about 1 1/2 weeks ago, I had not ridden any other back pad, but the Cobra, since before when I was barely able to balance enough to ride in the open (refer to the name of this thread). But, no problem.

    So...the report: If you have read any of the several kush reviews, mine is pretty much the same. I did about 7 miles riding it today, on my usual Cal State campus ride. I would not go so far as to say it is a cure for back foot fatigue, but it is definitely a big improvement. My first break was after an hour on the board, and my foot was tired, but not nearly as numb as it had been in the past at that point. In fact, I noticed my front foot seemed to get uncomfortable before the back one. That never happened before. So I plan to keep using the Kush for the time being. I had great control, even tho I hadn't ridden for awhile. I noticed the center of the Kush pad has a lot of flex. Probably not a problem if you place your foot across both edges. However, if you ride like Slydogstroh....rear toe in the center of the board, a lot, you may eventually start to push in on the battery case below. I would keep an eye on that.

    Cobrapad? What is it's future now?? For control it is still the best of the 4 back pads I have tried. I think it is an excellent board for beginners who are struggling with balance and control, as I was in the beginning. For now I will continue to use the Kush, but I am holding on to my Cobra. A cobra-kush combo might be the perfect pad!

  • @wheelrich I have the Cobra and absolutely love it - I would have considered the Kush, but TFL announced it literally 12 hours after I'd ordered the Cobra. Still, I got the Cobra on sale, so I feel it was worth it.

    I've only ridden stock, Cobra, and tried my buddy's Craft & Ride extended, and I can definitely say that of the three I like the Cobra best. As you say, the level of control is crazy good - something I think gets left out of these discussions, like it does frequently with the tires, is "under what conditions do you do most of your riding?" I'm a city rider, so the can-shaped Vega works well for me, since I frequently have to stand balanced on the board at stop signs and stoplights. Adding the Cobra TO the Vega, lets me have the best of both worlds: easy to stand on when stopped, easy to "push" and fine-control the Vega when moving (I imagine the Cobra plus one of the more rounded, "carvier" tires, could be too much; too squirrely, too sensitive, though a really skilled rider might be able to do some really neat stuff with it). But for me, the Cobra/Vega combo makes weaving through a crowd of pedestrians, or around stopped cars at an intersection, effortless; like dancing.

    I will also say that the Cobra completely eliminated my back-foot fatigue, 100%. It's not cushioned (though maybe it's slightly more shock-absorbing than wood), but that steep concave lets me stretch my arch/toes frequently as as I turn or carve, and the Cobra makes you WANT to constantly turn or carve. I'm also not worried about how it will hold up, to sun or water or anything. I'll be curious to see the Kushes in a year or two, to see if that foam breaks down at all, or gets tacky to the touch and starts picking up dirt and gunk.

  • @Glyph Good points! While I love the cobra, it did NOT relieve my foot pain. Of course, as you say, conditions are not always included in the reviews, and the condition of my tired old feet could definitely be part of the problem. I agree that the cobra is very tough...almost indestructible. The Kush flex has me wondering as well. But they do give it a lifetime warranty. One concern I have is that the screw holes will pull through. I tried not to over tighten.

    I haven't ridden the Kush on dirt yet, but on several levels of concrete and pavement I found it to be easy to control. I was doing figure 8's and small circles with little effort, yesterday. My belief is that the cobra's extreme leveraging design helped me develop my foot flexibility and control to the point where I can do even better on a flatter pad than I could have before. That's why I said I believe it is an excellent pad for beginners, like I was.

    The only reason I went to the Kush was for foot fatigue relief. Sounds like you have no need for it. Stay with your cobra!

  • @wheelrich
    Angle you back knee and slightly point it forward in the direction you are heading. It allows you to balance the front to back pressure ratio much quicker without leaning the entire mass of your body. When I learned this and applied it to surfing, I started having fun. It translates easily to the onewheel. BTW, that'snot me, I just posted it for an example.


  • @Rough-Cutt Thanks. I already do that. I keep my knees bent and flexed continually, and you are right, it is a big help to use the rear knee in the turning process. But I also keep my body weight to the rear as much as possible to avoid nosedives, so my rear foot carries more weight. My feet are fine for awhile. It's just after an hour or so. The kush does help a lot tho.

  • Video

    Nothing new to report, but here is a short video of a ride I did before the holidays, with my nephew Blake. I finally got around to uploading it to YouTube from my new Insta360OneX.

  • HELlooooooo! Wow, hear that echo...echo..echo????

    Been awhile. Nothing really new to report. Just checking in. Had a nice float yesterday after a few weeks off the board, due to weather, schedule, the routines of life. I do have one observation for anyone interested. I found that riding again, after a full month absence, felt just as natural as it did the last time I rode. The only difference is that my calves were pretty sore later, since I hadn't used those muscles for awhile...ankles were 2.

    So I predict that in the future, instead of referring to bicycles, people will say...."oh you never forget that, why it's just like riding a Onewheel!"

  • @wheelrich OW LOCATION REC: a week ago I took my 2 XRs with me to Newport Dunes, where I stayed for 4 days in my tiny Airstream. Had various family members visiting the whole time.

    They have their own inlet from Newport back bay, their own beach, and a wide walkway that circles their entire water area, using a long foot bridge to cross the water. My nephew and I enjoyed floating, mostly on that walkway, which took us past all the main features of the center. We also used the large surrounding asphalt parking areas.

    No one complained and the walks were big enough to get around walkers easily.

    So, if you plan to stay at Newport Dunes, definitely take your Onewheel.

  • NEW TIRE: So I finally got around to installing my new Burris treaded tire, made for the Onewheel. Installation was a challenge. I used 2 different youtube videos as guides. Using 2 plastic clamps helped unbead the Vega, but getting the Burris mounted was still a struggle. It seemed a lot stiffer than the ones in the videos. But I finally got everything set up. One problem remains. About 4 inches of bead on one side did not seat, but it is airtight. I pumped up to about 45, but it wouldn't completely seat. So I rode it around for over an hour in my carport. Didn't budge. I may have to try the pump again. I was trying to avoid going way up, so as to not warp the tire.

    The tire does ride a bit squirrelly, which also makes it more nimble in turns. Still, it will take some getting used to. One reason for the extra carvability is simply that it is a smaller tire than the Vega. Shorter and narrower. Which means it sits closer to the ground also. I scraped the nose a few times going back and forth quickly. So my Fangs got a workout. I have yet to try it on dirt, which is what I bought it for. Hopefully it be an improvement.

    Oh yes, I also installed some shiny aluminum Flight Guards, which are like V3 float plates, only thinner, and aluminum. No change in performance, however.

  • @wheelrich RE TIRE BEAD. I deflated the tire and coated the edge with Dawn soap (per a recommendation on fb). I then reinflated, using my shop tank, instead of the small inflator I used before. I stopped because nothing was happening and it seemed like a lot of pressure. By the time I walked into another room to get my tire gauge, the tire popped into place (I heard it pop)! I think it just took a couple minutes for the tire edge to slide over the Dawn. Checked the pressure, and it was about 53 psi. Much better than the 96 psi levels others had to go to. As I said, I did not want to overstretch and warp the tire. So...happy camper now. BTW the tire rolled smoothly even tho I rode it not fully beaded yesterday. I think I am going to like it. Hope to do some dirt riding over the Memorial Day weekend.

  • BURRIS TREADED OW TIRE UPDATE: Got some mileage on the new Burris now, and I am liking it a lot. It is reported to be noisier than the Vega, and at first it was. Now, I hardly notice the sound. Partly because it has smoothed out a bit, and also I am more used to it. Handling continues to be good, esp easier to carve with, now that I feel more at home riding it.

    Did some dirt track riding the other day, and it handled great. I highly recommend it. If you like some things about the Vega, you will not feel like it is a major change from that. More like a slight improvement all around. BTW I am running it at about 19 psi.

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