Hmm... Future Motion technical support, 15 days, no response. Grr.

  • Anyone else getting crickets from FM support?

    OW+ me thinks has a faulty BMS, blinks once, turns off. Tried all the fixes I could find, nothing. Reached out to Got the "Thanks for emailing Future Motion // Onewheel.
    A support representative will be reviewing your request and will send you a personal response. (usually within 24 hours)."

    15 days now, no response, still in the processed state. Reached out a few times, even on twitter, nada.

    This is a bit disappointing, big fan, bought quite a few of these, gifts, spread the good word ... and really expected better. But eh. Got the XR, and that is amazing af. OW+ I guess will just wait for support until it goes out of warranty, well played FM.

  • @kwatts

    One week no answer...

  • I've been waiting 4 weeks now but I only had a simple question about charging.

  • Still waiting too...

  • @kwatts You need to call them. From what I can tell they don't respond to online support tickets in a timely fashion but if you call and speak to a CS rep they will take care of you.

  • It took 5 weeks for me to get an answer and an apology that it took time.
    I think they are really behind.

  • Support did get back to me, took... 16 days :), with an apology and that they are backed up a bit. Thanks for the calling suggestion, hopefully these boards are so solid that I won't need support again.

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