Is my battery gauge messed up?

  • I live on a hill so i have issues with the over regeneration issue, but I literally have ridden around my neighborhood for 1.8 miles and it still says 100%.

    Then going up a steep hill today with 30% battery it turned off

    Just odd
    Any thoughts are appreciated


  • I have the same problem with my plus, have asked future motion repeatedly to fix this bug. They have yet to acknowledge it.You can use %usage instead as a good gauge of the inverse of % remaining but remember that it resets if you power down the board.

  • I maintain it is a software only bug because my board and battery still work correctly and it has the same range as before.

  • I think your right

    Board range is fine and works perfect

    I do worry that the board will turn off thinking it have over regenerated even though it is less than 99%

    Thanks for the info

  • The over-regen shutdown is not controlled by the % reading, it is based on internal battery voltage so that also works correctly. but the audible regen alarm is based on the faulty gauge, so it sounds constantly despite no risk of overcharging. I disabled it.

  • There is a full battery “push back”, I have felt it, also works independently from the gauge. that means you really are at risk of shutdown.

  • I had this problem as well. It got better after I did a few things that OW suggested. I was getting pushback at 26%, now it's back to normal.

    Here's the advice that I followed, direct from OW.
    "I talked to Julian our all-star electrical engineer who suggests that you leave your board charged for 48 hours to essentially re-calibrate the battery cells. The battery level is measured by one of the many battery cells and different cells may hold different amounts of charge over time. If you charge your board for a long period of time all the cells should balance in their charge."
    I also used this advice to run the battery down.
    "Great, I understand and would recommend you to try "tiered" braking/acceleration to decrease the battery, should you feel comfortable.

    The term "tiered" braking is what we describe a similar braking style to what you would feel if you ever engaged ABS or are familiar with threshold braking a car. The principal is you begin applying the brake, let off briefly and reapply harder. This method is actually more efficient and safer than just slamming on the brake as it gives you more control when stopping and can actually stop you in a shorter distance."

  • FM told me to do the same thing. I charged for 48 hours multiple times and it has had no effect.

    It is worth a try but @autzenhorn you have a different than the problem I have, sounds like you actually had a cell that was out of balance, which the board can self-repair when left plugged in.

    My board would still push back at 0%, but the gauge was wildly innaccurate as it progressed through the range - giving the 50% warning when I was 80% of the way through my charge. I could tell because "% usage" is always accurate through all of this and reflects my mileage.

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