One Wheel speed up when trying to slow down?

  • Third time this has happened. One Wheel speed up when trying to slow down? Today I heard a battery alert on my phone so I went to slow down and my one Wheel speeds up. I leaned so far back my tail was dragging. Any fix for this?

  • If the board accelerated when you leaned back, turn it off and do not ride again until it has been serviced. That should not be possible. If the gyros are not working right you should’ve been unable to even mount the board and balance, so I’m a bit skeptical of what you described.

    Can you provide more information? We’re you traveling downhill? What speed?

  • I have experienced this several times and mostly in Sequoia mode. When I have done this, I believe it is due to the difference between changing the angle of the board and 'leaning' back. If I tilt the board backward but lean forward, the Onewheel will accelerate. To slow down, I must actually lean toward my back foot - I think putting more pressure on the rear foot pad than the front. This is something that to me does not feel entirely intuitive in the shaping. And I think a bit of a problem especially in the shaping mode that is supposed to be the most tame.

  • ok, yes, pretty sure what you experienced is called push-back, it is not a normal way of controlling board speed. In order to send this feedback the board actually speeds up for a moment to cause the tail to drop and let you know you're close to a speed limit. But it kicks in way too soon in Sequoia mode and feels very awkward especially if you were trying to slow down at that exact same moment. This is why a lot of people recommend skipping right to mission mode, which is the easiest and IMO safest to learn in.

  • I was on concrete at a beach boardwalk. About as flat as it gets. I was there for a week and this happened 3 times until I nearly broke my hand and put it away. I was in cruise or mission when this happened and was doing about 7 miles an hour. I’m going in and out of traffic so my I’m slowing down speeding up etc. Then I go to slow down and she just excellerates. At one point I had the back of the board scrapping the ground I was leaning so far back. Anyway finally wiped out to avoid a person. I checked the final speed at 15! I sent the diagnostic to Onewheel over two weeks ago and no response. Starting to piss me off. I really like the board but I can’t trust it at all.

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