My First Month With the One Wheel +

  • I first encountered the One Wheel at a friends house. Having previously seen one at the local surf shop, I felt compelled to give it a whirl. It was a V1 and I rode it until I killed the battery. I had an ear to ear grin and thought to myself "I need to get one of these."

    I went to the local surf shop the next day and put a new OneWheel + on my credit card. I was told the XR was back ordered for weeks and needed one sooner than that. Part of me now regrets not waiting, but another is happy to have one and I can always add the XR to the fleet down the road. I then went out and bought a skateboarding helmet.

    I have been skateboarding and snowboarding for decades, but not much recently. I am a 34 year old married man and father of two. I rode the one wheel pretty cautiously for my first 1-4 days, and then more aggressively after that. I started experiencing push-back and wasn't sure what to make of it. Why wasn't the board staying flat at speed? While going 18.8 mph I attempted to push-through the push back and was ejected like a jet fighter pilot, getting road rash on my palms, elbows and back, but not a scratch on my helmet (of course.) Needless to say....I will be going with the full knee, elbow and wrist protector setup soon (as soon as I can get back to the local skate shop to buy some.)

    I took some time to do some re-search and learn about pushback after this incident. I was back on the one wheel the very next day, but was VERY cautious. In the few weeks since the accident i've taken it alot easier on my one wheel, but have really enjoyed it just as much. I tend to carve at 10-12mph, and don't take it much above 15mph max. I've put about 50 miles on it so far and try to ride it every day. I use the app, and mostly use Mission mode. I have yet to try the more intense setting, or the hill setting.

    This past weekend I did a 5.5 mile ride out to the state park along the lake where I live in VT, and tracked the ride with the APP. It's pretty cool to go down a road knowing a OneWheel has never been down it before. Riding it around here gets lots of attention, stares, questions, comments, pointing fingers, and thumbs up. People always want to know what it is, and how much they cost (cringe shortly afterwards, haha.) I am 6'5, 245 pounds, so 5.5 miles on hilly terrain is pretty good. Someday soon i'm going to see how far I can take it in one direction before the battery dies, and have my wife come pick me up. I am loving my OneWheel so far, and about half of my office has taken one for a spin. I've used it to run to lunch meetings at work and to get 30 racks for office parties. It's built like a tank!

    It took me more than a week to get access to this forum; I had to call and email admins to get on. I can say that to grow a community and have it be vibrant, access has to be easier. For every one of me there are 10 people that probably try, give up, and don't bother to try to get on here again.

    Thanks for reading and look forward to learning more on this forum and as i ride!

  • Did my first ride in the wet today. Made a mess of my legs and shoes, haha. I didn't want to break my day streak, but almost wouldn't recommend it without a wheel cover...

  • Awesome. Thanks for the first impressions. My XR is supposed to be delivered this afternoon so I'm soaking up all I can. Of course, it looks like rain for me here -- which reminds me - I think I'd like to get a fender soon.

    I've almost read enough to think that I may get to Delerium quick and make myself get used to it. From everything I've read the pushback is more pronounced and I've heard of less carnage from it compared to Mission mode.

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