Any watches that connects directly to the Onewheel?

  • Re: What Watches work with OneWheel app & Samsung S8+

    Are their "watches" that connect directly to the OneWheel with no phone in between? Is there a OneWheel app for such a watch? Which watches, What app? Are they any good?

    My phone is iOS, and I got a used Apple Watch (v1) to use with my OW, but it's TERRIBLE. Huge lag times (4 seconds) waiting for the watch to connect before it updates the watch screen. ("OH, I have 75% battery", one thousand, 1 one thousand 2, one thousand 3, one thousand 4 ... "Nevermind, I have 14% battery"; or "What speed am I going", let me lift up my arm, tap the app, wait 5 seconds to connect...) I'm rolling down a sketchy trail at speed, 'Ain't nobody got time for that'.

  • @enigmizzle I use a v2 apple watch and it works fine. But not sure about some of the info displayed. It shows 85% charge remaining, but also 2.XX miles remaining! What does that mean????

  • The app is called Onewheelwear for google OS. they even have their own fb group

  • @wheelrich doesn't apple watch require the phone? The poster asked for watches that connect directly to the board...
    My Son has new apple watch also LTE and he has to carry his phone with him! bad setup...

  • @ericn yep, it does. he mentioned he tried apple watch. I was hoping someone could explain the display to me, specifically why does it show such a small available mileage on a fully charged board??? Could not find an explanation online.

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