Sudden shut down!!

  • I hate to be the bad guy here...but F it. We are literally all balancing on ONE WHEEL...fighting the laws of physics and gravity...and then everyone wants to blame FM when they nosedive from user error...either going too fast or pushing this electric machine further than it can physically go. It’s an inherent risk! Friggin crybabies. So you wiped out. Big deal. If “extreme sports” (as they define it) aren’t your thing...stay on the couch. Everyone is crying and saying “Blame future motion”...”fix the problem”’s obnoxious. There’s no problem. It works. We’ve all crashed...and we’ve all learned our lesson. It’s bound to happen. Do you blame snowboards when gravity takes you down a mountain into an embankment? No because it’s due to lack of skill. You clowns try to push yourselves to be badasses then you wreck out and cry for reform and threaten litigation. Please. If you’re reading this and you are whining...STFU...dust yourself off and get back on it and RESPECT the board. You will love it once you know what you’re doing. I promise.

  • @rado

    Two times walking pace (walking military style is 5km/h).
    I wasn‘t doing anything extreme and not accelerating, just carving and enjoying the warm breeze.
    The road was flat and made of cement and I assume that due to the fact that I was riding fairly slowly I didn’t skid forward but slammed down onto my leg without any warning that I was losing my balance or needed to do anything. Out of the blue and taken by surprise. I also hit my elbow but the injury is only superficial.

    I have never fallen off and normally ride on dirt tracks.

  • @capodeltoro

    I bought the OW because of the electronic/software and balancing capabilities. I wasn‘t doing anything extreme with it. It just turned off on me.

    Please read my post and ask related questions. Just being a Fanboy/Troll is not helping anyone.

  • I had the same thing happen. I'm going to be recovering for about a month, major road rash and shoulder dislocation. did you receive an alert? In my case, I was bombing uphill for 3 straight miles in Delerium mode and I was sent an alert which I couldn't read without my glasses. my board was at 47% power. I could read that. I kept on with my ride and then out of nowhere, my board just nose dived! I went straight into the concrete at close to 18 mph. My road rash is terrible and I damaged my shoulder. I can't take another fall like this either. Were you on a hill? do you think you could have overheated the board?

  • @capodeltoro
    Im not one of those guys. Ive brushed myself off and will take responsibility for not reading my alert. But I did nose dive on smooth cement, no obstructions. I may have overheated the unit considering I was bombing uphill for 3 straight miles. I received an alert but I couldn't read it without my glasses. I assumed that the app was telling me that my battery was low. Shortly after the alert, my board just nose dived in Delerium mode at a fast speed. Im a bit beat up with road rash and a dislocated shoulder. I was wearing safety equipment. I have some anxiety about this crash until I figure out what went wrong. Do you have any experience with this?

  • @troyhenry yeah. But it sounds like you answered your own question

  • @troyhenry So 18mph on smooth pavement should be fine "most of the time" but not up hill. Pushback is at 15mph on the OW+ and XR. Once you go past that, the board has diminished capability to balance you. That's why you see the pro people with amazing balance/skill hauling ass all the time, they know the board, the balance point, the motor feel and have the correct stance to remain safe.

    Up hill or on rough terrain or just with bad form, you can nosedive a much lower speeds. You can nosedive just from accelerating too hard.

    What @CapoDelToro is saying is correct. 99.9% of crashes are user error but included in that is doing things that you did not know the board was not capable of handling. If you respect pushback and learn about the board's abilities to tackle hills/inclines, it can be an extremely safe ride.

  • @skyman88
    Thank you. Ill be putting in more time to learn all to keep me upright and off the cement. I appreciate your feedback

  • @troyhenry said in Sudden shut down!!:

    Thank you. Ill be putting in more time to learn all to keep me upright and off the cement. I appreciate your feedback

    There are board component failures sometimes as well... that's why folks ask if the blue light was blinking afterwards the crash. If the light is off, I believe it's typically the control module having issues.

    Early reasons for "crashes":

    • Bad Stance (too much weight over the front)
    • Excessive acceleration
    • Exceeding pushback on flat or inclined surfaces
    • Exceeding some speed uphill... incline and rider weight specific
    • Going down a large/steep hill with 100% battery
    • Slow speed turn off (less than 1 mph), typically raised heel while cornering, board turns off.... as it was designed to for dismounting

    If you haven't read it, review the Wiki page:

  • @CapoDelToro
    You should read your responses. Snarky and dismissive. You must enjoy being an jerk off

  • @skyman88
    Thank you for the info. I really appreciate it. Ill spend more time on my education. Your post was helpful

  • @troyhenry I get it. You’re sensitive. Plus your pride is prob a little hurt too..and the pain meds may have kicked in. No need to name call...but I see you’ve only been here 22 days so you’re still trying to figure it all out. I apologize if I offended you, its just that it’s annoying to see the same posts repeated. It’s almost as if you have the manual in your hands but you seem too lazy to read it. My bad for assuming. Good news tho! You could spend your recovery time researching and reading past posts from people that have covered every topic you’re mentioning. You may learn a thing or two...Good luck with your recovery! ;)

  • you like being smart and taking shots, don't you. You feel safe behind a keyboard writing your asinine comments. still, go fuck yourself. That must be my pain med speaking.

  • @capodeltoro
    and keep trolling asshole and you'll get the same fucking response. Until you want to come face to face

  • @troyhenry here we go. Keyboard commando. Alright bro. U win. Get well soon! 🤡👞

  • @kwatts I am in the middle of the same conflict. My XR completely failed in the middle of a calm run. Wouldn't turn back on or charge. Only 400 miles on it. I was well below speed limits and the board was nearly fully charged. I respect the limits of the board, and this totally caught me off guard. I sent my wheel back to FM only to find out it will cost me $300 to fix it.. the warranty is BS, the controller component failure is clearly a common issue on the +XR but Future Motion seems to do anything they can to avoid covering any costs. After over a month of going back and forth with them, I had to pay the piper and get the process over with. Tough to throw that much money into something that should be covered, but I was out of options. Very frustrating, best of luck!

  • @TheONEinMN ouch. I got burned bad on the OW+, for the XR, they actually had a quick turnaround (I piggybacked on the OW+ support ticket) and fixed it quickly with no charges. Not sure what it was, but the XR board was completely dead. Still, confidence in these boards - and support - took a bit of a hit.

  • Had a similar experience, luckily wearing helmet.

    I've been riding two OneWheels for about 2.5 years and use it for my work commute. I've ridden at least 500+ miles and definitely know how to ride it and what push back feels like. With about 30% of battery left cruising along a mostly flat levy at my typical pace about 15mph on a ride I do very often all the sudden the nose dropped and I was dumped off. OneWheel + with about 350 miles on it. The board was still on and I connected the app to see the battery still had charge. It worked fine again without turning it off or anything and the app did not say anything about foot pads or anything, all appeared normal.

    I had stopped wearing any padding/protection other than a helmet when running errands or commuting since I had not fallen except when messing around trying tricks or off road. I ripped my jeans and bloodied my hand, knee and hip. It did not hurt as much as just scare me that it could hurt a lot more if it happened again, in a worse location or when I wasn't able to roll with the fall as well. Now I'm much less comfortable riding and going slower just in case, which sucks because it is so much fun - but I just don't trust it enough right now.

    Emailed FM and was told I had probably pushed through pushback, I've been riding enough to know what push back feels like and rarely ever hit pushback anymore - pretty sure I did not push through it. I will say I had just come down a small hill but and had been on the flat for ~15' when it stopped. It does get going down that small hill but I wasn't pushing it.

    I agree with "George" - "From my experience it is a board defect. Either it should slow you down if you are driving to fast or slow down and stop if the battery is running low. This device is packed with electronics/senors and software and there should be no reason for it to suddenly stop AKA nosedive." Too many reports like this in the forums.

  • Aside from the vast majority of nosedives that are user error:

    Unfortunately the only fixes are to ride slower or accept the risk :/ We have to put our faith in these things as they keep us upright. Even the smallest hiccup in its gyroscopic calculations, delivery of corrections to the motor or in the motor itself, will cause us to come off the board. Has a computer ever frozen up on you or BSOD? Imagine if each time that happened you'd nosedive. Another fix would be to get your top speed on foot to 15+ mph for safety purposes. It's a lot easier than you think. The only TRUE fix, however, would be to ride a board with 4 wheels. Where's the fun in that?! :D

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