Riding Stances: What's your preference?

  • I have noticed when riding fast and cruising I will point both my toes forward, like on an all mountain snowboard binding setup.

    When carving a cruising lower speed I will keep my rear foot straight ahead or even duck it out a little bit like I am wake boarding.

    Do you keep your stance pretty consistent or change it up? What is your stance of preference?

  • @djtherick2020 my background is skateboarding/surfing and I'm sure my stance reflects that since that's what's familiar and comfortable for me, I do like to keep my front foot closer to the wheel vs. putting it farther out towards the nose though.

  • I’m a newb but found my most comfortable stance similar to windsurfing/kite foiling, with my frontfoot out turned and my back foot perpendicular to the board.

  • @mot Yep, I'm the same. For me it offers maximum knee comfort/endurance for a lot of carving and cruising.

    And I ride as far back as possible, front heel by the wheel, rear foot near the edge, definitely helps prevent nosedives.

  • I ride it like im on my snowboard. Both feet slightly duck.
    One thing I will say is (as a regular stance rider) why did they cut the grip tape on the back pad that way?!?! My right heal is always hanging off the grip tape.
    If the cut was the other way it would sit perfect. (Just a thought #realmotion)

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