OMG!!! The best thing ever!!!

  • I couldn’t wait for the XR. I got my + today and put 15km on it across three charges. I went on gravel, grass, sidewalks, dirt trails, bike paths and a golf course nearby.

    I have windsurfed, kiteboarded, skied, snowboarded for decades and took up kite and windfoiling a ways back. The closest I can compare the experience is to foiling when on smooth path. The balance between front and back leg is a similar feel.

    I rode it in the back yard on sequoia for about 10 minutes then hit the street in mission. I was timid off curbs and over obstacles but found you just kinda gotta hit them with some momentum. I found it doesn’t like climbing steep grass hills due to traction issues more than anything, and it’s not fond of side hills for any more than a few feet or in transition.

    Overall, my first couple hours has been sheer joy! I can’t wait to add an XR but the plus is my methadone!


  • Awesome. I totally agree. I also received mine today. I tried Mission on the pavement and then Delerium for the backyard adventure stuff. Seemed to help with power for the off-roading. My wife and 2 of my kids tried the board (on Sequoia - with extreme spotting) and we all enjoyed it.

    I finally quit after dark (although the lights were brighter than I had anticipated). My ankles and feet were getting a little tired.

    I'm gonna get up a little early tomorrow and buzz around a little while waiting on my work van pool to pick me up. I can tell I am going to have a blast with this thing!

  • @mot & @jbrew345 Enjoy your OWs. For sure they are addictive devices. I put several hundred miles on two V1 OWs and have ridden a few miles on the + (much improved over a V1). My new XR that I just received (8 miles in between rain bursts) will really allow me to be a true TerraSurfer.

  • There's a way to press it down through those side hills a bit longer, you have to really wiggle your hips and push hard to fight the rotation though.

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