Now or later?

  • So I got my Onewheel+ around September of last year and sadly got it lost in the mail (grrUSPSgrr) as I was traveling between states. I always thought the mileage was the number one downside to this machine and obviously the +XR does the trick. Do you all think now is the time to spring on one or wait til the next model? I was kinda taken aback when they released the +XR so soon after the +. I do not want to go through the buyer's remorse that incurred when the +XR was announced, i.e. "If only I waited a few more months, I would've just gotten this instead!" What is your take?

  • @coeurmasque I understand where your coming from, I would have been upset had I bought a + and then the XR comes out a short time later. I bought an XR and it's awesome, I regularly enjoy rides between 14-16 miles (usually about all I can handle before my back foot goes numb lol) but I'd say go for the XR I don't think you'll be disappointed or stuck with buyers remorse by any means! Float on!

  • I would tend to agree. I'm not sure what all they could change enough to really matter. I guess you can only get so many battery cells on a board and I can't yet endure the miles to drain mine in one ride :)

    Other changes you'd think could be done with software updates and such.

    I would do it (again)

  • @jbrew345 Apparently some of the changes were a result of using emerging electric car battery technology, which will continue to evolve. They may be working on a new version even now. But don't let that stop you. I think this one will be in demand for awhile. They are only starting to catch up on the orders. I waited a month for mine, but it was much longer before.

  • Now, Now, Now.

    Not everyone is as obsessed as me, but I bought 2 onewheel+'s in 2017 and I'm the proud new owner of an XR and I have zero regrets about buying any of them.

    With the XR they have clearly landed on something that will not need any kind of improvement for a couple years, in my opinion. Watch for FM to offer new accessories and color/footpad upgrades on the plus and XR - the next step in trying to squeeze more revenue out of this series.

    My guesses: next move from FM will probably be something more off-road focused (bigger tire, bigger boards?) or a new type of device altogether.

  • Yes, now. Another thought is...when they do come out with a new board, and you get it, you will have a backup if you ever have to send either board in for repair!

  • Now. The range is great. The charger is great. Aftermarket accessories have been fully developed. After replacing my bumpers, I realize the internal space has been used up by the additional battery capacity. The only way to improve would be maybe 10% better batteries, road pitch sensing or an app upgrade as far as I can tell.

  • No need to be sad about buying a Plus...with the Ranger kit I make you can get 2x or 3x your normal range, more power and torque, and swap batteries. Many users report more low end torque on a plus with a Ranger kit on it than on a stock XR. Check it out here:

  • @Coeurmasque @readysetawesome @E-Wave_I
    Take a look at this patent somebody posted in another thread..... off road superiority but I’d be happy with just the XR unless they added more cool stuff to the suspension. Hopefully this comes out and the XR price goes on sale or something. Can’t wait to join the float life.

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