Now or later?

  • So I got my Onewheel+ around September of last year and sadly got it lost in the mail (grrUSPSgrr) as I was traveling between states. I always thought the mileage was the number one downside to this machine and obviously the +XR does the trick. Do you all think now is the time to spring on one or wait til the next model? I was kinda taken aback when they released the +XR so soon after the +. I do not want to go through the buyer's remorse that incurred when the +XR was announced, i.e. "If only I waited a few more months, I would've just gotten this instead!" What is your take?

  • @coeurmasque I understand where your coming from, I would have been upset had I bought a + and then the XR comes out a short time later. I bought an XR and it's awesome, I regularly enjoy rides between 14-16 miles (usually about all I can handle before my back foot goes numb lol) but I'd say go for the XR I don't think you'll be disappointed or stuck with buyers remorse by any means! Float on!

  • I would tend to agree. I'm not sure what all they could change enough to really matter. I guess you can only get so many battery cells on a board and I can't yet endure the miles to drain mine in one ride :)

    Other changes you'd think could be done with software updates and such.

    I would do it (again)

  • @jbrew345 Apparently some of the changes were a result of using emerging electric car battery technology, which will continue to evolve. They may be working on a new version even now. But don't let that stop you. I think this one will be in demand for awhile. They are only starting to catch up on the orders. I waited a month for mine, but it was much longer before.

  • Now, Now, Now.

    Not everyone is as obsessed as me, but I bought 2 onewheel+'s in 2017 and I'm the proud new owner of an XR and I have zero regrets about buying any of them.

    With the XR they have clearly landed on something that will not need any kind of improvement for a couple years, in my opinion. Watch for FM to offer new accessories and color/footpad upgrades on the plus and XR - the next step in trying to squeeze more revenue out of this series.

    My guesses: next move from FM will probably be something more off-road focused (bigger tire, bigger boards?) or a new type of device altogether.

  • Yes, now. Another thought is...when they do come out with a new board, and you get it, you will have a backup if you ever have to send either board in for repair!