App keeps sending notifications over and over

  • Hi,

    Just got my XR and I love it. However, I did find out that while leaving it on the charger, my app keeps telling me over and over that it's at 100% charge. it sends a notification every couple of seconds and only stops when i disconnect my app. Is this normal? Edit: I'm on Android.

  • @roadkingvrod It probably is. My app keeps trying to reconnect after I turn the XR off, so I always close the app after.

  • Maybe this should be different post but - did you ever have trouble getting OW to send notifications? I am fairly iProduct savy and have several notifications selected (low battery, regeneration, top speed, 100% battery charge, one sensor warning...) but can't get it to send a single one. I even have it where all badges, banners show in history and even chose Persistent banners so I wouldn't miss one. I have an iPhone 6s. App is updated - so is phone. Even restarted phone.

    Any thoughts or experience (or if you've heard this before) would be appreciated.

  • @jbrew345 Sorry, I'm an Android guy.

  • @jbrew345 I am on an IphoneX. So far I seem to be getting alerts. The 100% charge alert sends out an alarm, as well! I thot we might be having an earthquake first time I heard it. lol.

    My apple watch2 also seems to mirror the iPhone pretty quickly, although doesn't give nearly as much info.

  • Well crap. Thanks for the reply. I'm afraid its gonna be one of those things that just won't work on my phone. My buddy at work just told me his BankAmerica app quit giving alerts to his phone and he can't get them back - while they still go to his wife's phone. Ugh.

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