Day Streak Questions

  • How does the day streak work? I've ridden my OneWheel + everyday for a month since i've got it yet aren't on the list yet. A few Qs...

    -Do you have to be connected to the app for your ride to be registered as a day?

    -Is there a mileage minimum to register as a ride?

    -Anyway to see what your current streak is on the app if you aren't on the leaderboard, not just your overall "ranking"

  • Good questions as I have been to the end of the app and back and cannot see my current streak nor find info on what qualifies

  • Thanks. You think they would have that given that most people are probably not on the international

    Very little information on what qualifies you to continue your streak as well. This would be a good tool to keep people engaged, but oh well maybe on a future update.

  • Hi @DJTheRick2020,

    To be able to get your streak counted, you need to connect to the app so we can tally your distance for that day. For a day to qualify, you must ride a minimum of 1 mile a day.

    There is currently no way to see where you stand on the ranking if not on the top 5 but that is good feedback and we will bring up with our engineering team.

    Onewheel Team

  • ...and of course you have to be logged in too;-)

  • DJTheRick2020 The “day” I suspect is riding again within 24 hours of when you last rode. For example if I ride in the morning on Tuesday, but not until afternoon or evening on Wednesday it does not qualify as a streak.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr that’s lame.

  • It could be that I am wrong in that... but when I dropped off the streak board it was not midnight, but in the afternoon. I’m back on now again, and in good company, too.

  • @Future-Motion I've done as you say, and now at 15 days of ownership and at 111 miles I see people in the top 5 with less than that.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr said in Day Streak Questions:


    Put in on a treadmill and you will be number 1 one in no time....


  • Rails to trails is my treadmill — beautiful woods.

  • Whoops! After more than 1100 miles weathering few and only minor incidents I sprawled on pavement twice today in one ride. Falling forward then first, and five miles later, back, bruising both hips and worse, shattering my trailing wrist — gear on all but that wrist. I will be falling off the streak leaderboard for V1 tomorrow.

  • The day streak is a little broken. Sorry this post is so long >.>

    I fell off this leaderboard months ago for seemingly no reason. I was somewhat sure it was FM's fault so when I started again and I began keeping screenshots. One day recently, I fell off the list yet again. I checked my screenshots which all have file system attributes attached to them to show when they were taken. For a moment I thought my odometer had quit on me. Nope, that's because there are multiple on the same day. I contacted FM and was told how this daystreak is tracked:

    The server just sees your odometer. Period. So if and when their server goes offline, your app plays no role in re transmitting the next day. If their power goes out, DDoS, someone pees on the stack or ANY circumstance to prevent them from receiving your odometer reading, there is absolutely NO failsafe. If you were thinking they'd have a couple extra layers to prevent a problem on their end from ruining your streak, you were wrong. But doesn't the app track and resend today's miles tomorrow?... Nope. Those miles will make it to the server but your app won't tell the server they were from yesterday.

    I'm willing to bet half those who fall off this leaderboard, fall off in error. I mostly do tricks, so my mileage isn't as impressive as those of you who ride in a straight line, but these are my screenshots and attributes going back far enough to show a problem.

  • @Fresh “A little broken”? That’s downright useless.

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