Day Streak Questions

  • How does the day streak work? I've ridden my OneWheel + everyday for a month since i've got it yet aren't on the list yet. A few Qs...

    -Do you have to be connected to the app for your ride to be registered as a day?

    -Is there a mileage minimum to register as a ride?

    -Anyway to see what your current streak is on the app if you aren't on the leaderboard, not just your overall "ranking"

  • Good questions as I have been to the end of the app and back and cannot see my current streak nor find info on what qualifies

  • Thanks. You think they would have that given that most people are probably not on the international

    Very little information on what qualifies you to continue your streak as well. This would be a good tool to keep people engaged, but oh well maybe on a future update.

  • Hi @DJTheRick2020,

    To be able to get your streak counted, you need to connect to the app so we can tally your distance for that day. For a day to qualify, you must ride a minimum of 1 mile a day.

    There is currently no way to see where you stand on the ranking if not on the top 5 but that is good feedback and we will bring up with our engineering team.

    Onewheel Team

  • ...and of course you have to be logged in too;-)