Cheaper Accessories!

  • The accessory prices are a joke!

    $240 for a carry bag. Really? I understand this is a premium product but everything is about twice what it should really cost, if not more, and some of the stuff isn't even that high quality is my understanding (fender.)

    How about a few tiers of each accessory so we can all pick the price point that's best for us. I'm sure you'd sell plenty of each tier, but no surprise the cheaper stuff will sell a lot more. I'm sure many people are just improvising solutions rather than coughing up another G for this stuff.

  • Yes I thought AliExpress or someone like that would pick up on accessories but nothing yet.

  • I'm hoping FM will give a reason for the prices. Or, if there is no reason other than profit , that they will lower the prices.

  • It's probably not going to happen.

  • I can't imagine that they've got a huge margin on the fender. It's quality is just fine. I'm sure if you abused it, it would crack. It absolutely should be standard though. Good luck riding wet without it, and dry it keeps sand and grit out of your shoes.

  • Reason for the prices? They seem to business with companies like theirs - innovative with a social and environmental conscience, and at relatively low production runs. California labor is way more expensive than China labor, but California employees aren't exploited/abused by their management - the state won't allow it. Even if they did, I don't expect FM is that sort of company. I investigated that expensive bag - they teamed up with Mafia to produce it. Mafia produces products from "upcycled" materials - sails. Check it out: Custom design, low production runs, socially and environmentally responsible companies - of course it's "expensive." I don't expect you will see it on alibaba - maybe possible, but the the sales volume probably isn't high enough to lure in low cost competitors. I don't think my OW needs a bag, but if I do need one, I'll be happy to get it from OW - or stuff it in a large gym bag if I don't need a custom fit.

    The fender? Their are others available for the OW - but more expensive.

  • Well....they are missing out on sales by having prices be what they are. People just improvise solutions vs paying those prices. You can find a $40 bag a TJ Max that will fit the Onewheel just fine, make your own stand for $20, etc. I think if they had a cheap and a pricey option, the 1%ers would still go for the top tier stuff, and everyone else would go for the more basic but functional option over taking the trouble to improvise a solution.

  • Number of car holders I will buy for $70 - Zero.
    Number of car holders I would buy for $40 or $50 - At least one, probably two.

  • All,

    Be a little fair here. It's not like they're selling 200,000 bags, or stands. It always costs a lot to make the first one of anything and if you aren't selling in volume, it's tougher to recoup that cost.

    If you don't want to spend the money on an item, don't buy said item. Easy enough!

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