Airline ban on 'Hoverboard' type devices

  • UPS have just advised they will not ship my Onewheel from Australia to the USA for repairs. Anyone else caught up in the ban by most airlines on devices with lithium ion batteries?

  • @romaxco that's not good! This brings up even more of a reason that they need overseas repair places.

  • Wow! Did not think of that consequence before!

  • How did your OneWheel get shipped to you?

  • This sh!t is getting out of hand. I hate the generalization that seems to happen initially. Hopefully they wise up and stop classifying things with such a broad brush. Be sure to complain like hell and drop a bit of knowledge on them. I just made a post that briefly mentions the different battery types. Lithium iron phosphate batteries (used in OW) are MUCH safer than lithium cobalt oxide ones.

    They allow laptops and all kinds of cheap electronics.. which usually use the same unsafe batteries.. companies producing lower cost electronics will use the cheapest components.

  • Truly this stinks. I a, headed to Europe in May and had planned on taking my OW to cruise the streets and alleys of Rome.

  • @jeff8v7 This is the second board I have had. The first came by air freight and went back to the USA by air freight. The second one came from the USA by airfreight but now there is a ban so, at the moment, I cannot air freight it back to the USA to have a fault repaired.

  • We should locate any sort of online complaint/comment/suggestion form for the AU UPS and the airfreight company you mention here, and then complain professionally with some facts about these batteries. Same for the US airlines that have bans. That is the only way this will change. If we can find these online, i can type up some info that we all can use. As a community, this is the best thing we can do right now. They (the airlines/shipping companies) have to recognize the difference.. They continue to ship other devices with the same types of batteries.

    This is just becoming irrational media hyped hysteria.

  • @callenj357 I completely agree

  • Thats a drag. The same thing surfaced a couple years ago, and I couldn't ship my laptop overseas. Took a few months before it lifted.

    At the time, I shopped around for alternate shipping services, and I found one that would take it. Maybe the same will work for your OneWheel? Might be worth trying different shipping services, or calling future motion - as they obviously need a way to ship them overseas too.

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