Advice on incline mount/dismount

  • Hi folks,

    My son and I have about 50km on our +’s now and I have a couple of questions. Most notably mount/dismount on inclines.

    Firstly, when pointed down a driveway, my son has a thing that happens where the board doesn’t engage. He leans forward and it just keeps tipping and doesn’t give that “turn on” sensation. I’ve got on his board and not had it happen and then he can repeat it three times in a row on either of our boards. This isn’t a nosedive, it’s a failure to start. He’s in mission mode and is 115lbs. I’m 170lbs. Is he just stomping right through a safety startup zone or something?

    Secondly, when climbing a hill on a sidewalk, when either of us get to the crosswalk we can’t seem to find that sweet spot where the board stops and we can do the heal lift disengage thingy. The board seems to go forward or backwards and we do a little hill dance before just jumping off. It REALLY pisses off cars that are stopping at the crosswalk and gives both of us a moment of terror. It only happens when pointed uphill trying to dismount.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    We have both been dumped a few times and have always debriefed the accident as operator error. They always happen near the end of a ride when the perfect storm of fatigue, battery drain and over-confidence converge.

    Cheers and I hope everyone is floating through their weekend with smiles.

  • Yes, he is stomping too hard on the hills. if the board is level too briefly and he keeps going, pushing the nose lower than the tail too fast, it will not engage.

  • practice and good balance will improve dismounts on hills. It is possible to do it smoothly but on really steep hills the nose usually sets down when i disengage, rather than the tail, which was a bit awkward the first few times.

  • Thanks for the feedback

  • Turn yourself perpendicular to the hill. Practicing coming to 90 degree stop by making a small twist as you come to a stop. That'll help you not roll/correct/roll on hills when you stop. Same with starting. It's weird at first but entirely doable.

  • Oh cool. I'll try and get him to try that.

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