How to dismount without jumping off?

  • To get off my Onewheel, I have to take a little "hop" off the board. This works pretty well.

    I have tried lifting my heel off the front left sensor pad, but the motor does not disengage. Am I doing something wrong? What do you need to do to dismount off a stationary board?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @djtherick2020 I found this video to be helpful to me hope it helps you aswell

  • Check the videos on YouTube there are definitely some good ones

    Remember to bend your front knee slightly so your back heel comes up

    Just practicing over and over helps

    Good luck


  • I find that if I just try to raise my front heel, the board tips away from me, restoring some of the force on the heel-side sensor (so the motor doesn't always shut off) and usually I end up just jumping.

    My strategy is to slow down gradually, and just BEFORE coming to a stop I raise my front heel AND my rear toe. Board stays flat and going straight, motor audibly clicks off when it's ready. If the board does tilt a little bit, you're still rolling and can get balanced again more easily than if you were stopped.

  • Is there a certain amount of seconds your heel needs to be off the front sensor pad? I've done a full 3 count and the motor does not disengage.

  • @djtherick2020 the technique that Chris Richardson discussed in his video about not just lifting the heel but pushing that front knee forward works great for me but if it's still giving you issues maybe try the method Chris shows where instead of hopping off the board entirely, just popping that front off (at a very slow speed)and allowing the back foot to remain on. You should then come to a complete stop and still have control.

  • The tricky thing about the knee lift method is that the knee and ankle motions need to cancel out just right so the board doesn't tilt front-back or right-left. That can be hard to teach beginners.
    Staying balanced with the diagonal method is just a matter of having the toe lift and heel lift happen simultaneously, which is pretty intuitive. My 74-year-old uncle nailed it on the first try.

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