Vega is taking on gravel.

  • So I have now owned my beloved Onewheel+ for 5 weeks and the Vega wheel is taking in a lot of small stones in the rubber.
    Is there a typical swedish kind of gravel that goes in or does everybody have this?
    When it's time to change the tire is it the same with other brands of tires also?

  • Hello, there is no problem in a bit of gravel stuck in the rubber, I'm also a swedish Rider and I rode during winter and just after when the gravel was at it's worst. While it does get a bit bumpy the ones sticking out mostly fall off or get inbedded so hard you can't feel em while riding. The tire is thick and can take it with no problem and if it feels too bumby just brush it off.

  • Hi yea it looks like gravel is going to be great in the winter if it's ice on the roads 😉😁

  • Regularly removing the gravel and metal shrapnel from the tire will make it last longer.

  • @readysetawesome oh, ok. Damn I got some work to do then...
    Thanks 😉

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