• I just hooked up my V1 with the OW+ Bumpers and Surestance footpads. Prior to this, been riding the V1 for the last year using SUP kick pads in lieu of grip tape. Just wondering. Anyone else “buying their time” from purchasing the XR (or whatever comes next) by upgrading their V1? I still love it and can’t fit the XR into my budget yet...just took it for a spin and it feels brand new again. Was also able to finally try out the Fangs now that i have the + Bumpers. Looks better too!!

  • 0_1530582787503_0674359D-D090-46F4-AFEE-1AC8C79E2160.jpeg

  • @capodeltoro - does the front sensor work better?

  • @dmonicle I don’t know if it’s a placebo effect or not, but I “feel” like it does. It def spreads out the surface area and allows for more foot placement options than the thin strip of the V1. It feels more responsive, but i have to think it’s from going back to a solid grip tape deck along with the elevated “tails” of the Surestance pads. I really enjoyed the difference of the SUP pads at first but I def missed the locked in feeling of grip tape.

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