Bigger battery life!

  • Rode my OW yesterday from 100% charge to 1% and got 14.17km. Pretty impressed.

  • @Tjandamurra HOLY CRAP!? Whats your weight? 20 kilos? :O Thats awesome.. especially since here in Sweden its around 0C and I get 2-3 kilometers

  • It would be great to have better range but it's definitely acceptable for this version. I'm not sure how much weight 50% more battery would add but it might be worth it for the overall percentage increase since it is already so heavy.

  • @BadWolf 80kg and 32C. Smooth concrete multi level underground car park with up and down ramps. With very few cars over the Christmas period I have a great slalom course around the concrete pillars. Does not get much better!

  • Just got back from another ride. 14.43km and battery down to 1%. Not to shabby eh?


  • @Tjandamurra how much do you weigh and what was the outside temp?

  • @njcustom 80kg and 32C.

  • @Tjandamurra wow my board doesn't go that far ..

  • Wierd motor sensor temp? It says 0. Faulty sensor?

  • @BadWolf Yeah. My OW developed a fault a few weeks ago. If I take a break from riding and turn it off, it will not start again and I get a two blink signal. On the app it says "Need more juice" even though it might have 80%, 70% whatever charge. Once I charge it, all the readings are fine and I'm off again but I cannot turn it off or it will not start. FM sent me shipping labels to return it to the USA for repairs but UPS will not carry OW or 'Hoverboard' type devices because of the danger of fires in the batteries. I'm waiting on FM to advise on how to ship it. I hope it does not have to go by sea. That would mean a turnaround of several months. What will I do without my OW?

  • First off, this is an absolutely beautiful product, clean lines, minimalist design. I would love to have this to get to work and back, but one way commute to work is 11 miles, and the 1 wheel has a range of 6-7 miles. The average work commute is 12.6 miles, for the next 1 wheel upgrade I think extending the range to 12.6 miles should be the highest priority. Maybe you offer 2 models, one standard model, and one XL model or extended range model with 12.6 mile range. Greater cost and weight would be ok, because you have twice the range of standard model.

  • @dnd The 12.6 mile average commute is based on a report done by us gov.

  • here's another vote for longer trip range, ideally via spare batteries
    that would make the difference between toy and real transportation, for me at least

  • From what I can tell by reading (I never had the original OW), the + has worse range. I got 7 miles on mine once but otherwise average 4, 4.5. If I'm cruising around town this is no big deal, but I live out in the mountains and always feel a bit disappointed when I have to turn around super early while trail riding. And this is with a portable battery pack that gets me two extra charges. With at least double the battery life, the OW would be unbelievable.

    While higher capacity batteries exist, we're still largely limited by battery tech here. We need a breakthrough in that industry big time.

  • After the improvements with the plus, longer range is my most desired feature hands down.

  • @Corlux amen. FM PLEASE, for the next version can you give us MUCH more battery range- or swappable batteries- and more control over the digital shaping? If you can build in a massage unit under the rear footpad so my arch doesn't get so freakin' sore I would love that too- but I'm willing to forego that in favor of the other requests :)

  • For more battery life, they would either need a breakthrough in battery technology, or to put so many lithium ion cells into it that it would require a larger deck, and make it impossible for us to ever get our Onewheels onto an airplane.

  • The breakthrough in Battery Tech is coming, Tesla is working on some new battery tech right now that will make the future for tech like the OneWheel unreal. Ebikes, OneWheel, Phones, Homes, Cars....this breakthough will change the game.

    Future batteries, coming soon: Charge in seconds, last months and power over the air...

  • They really should just make swappable batteries and that would solve the problem. As long as the board is still water resistant than there would be no competition for them.

  • @ahxe45

    even if...
    buying extra batteries from FM would probably cost you 5 to 600$ or more
    making a portable charger costs you $100 and you can do it now and stop wishing&dreaming

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