Status on hold, no response

  • So my estimated shipping date was the 22th of june, and on that day the /dude page stopped working for my order. Click the button -> nothing shows up.
    After a few days I inspected the json payload from the server and there I could read "status:onhold".

    So I email support to figure out what the holdup is, is there anything they need from me etc.
    No response.
    I go to the support center, find my ticket, and... Ticket status is "Being processed".
    10 days later, still no answer, but somehow ticket is still "being processed".

    I don't have a problem with orders being delayed. I got custom products that have up to 1.5y delivery, some things just take time, it's fine.

    What I do got a problem with is black hole support systems, especially when there is payment up front.

    "Dude, just call them!" -> Dude, I'm on the other side of the planet. That is why we have email and support systems so we do not have to play the time zone game.

    Dear FutureMotion,
    please take some of the investment from the communications bots and put that into the support function. Believe or not, sales & support go hand in hand. And no, Facebook is not a suitable support channel.
    And while you are at it, please answer my support ticket.

    please fix the page, customers should not have to debug the javascript to figure out what their order status is.

    Thank you.

  • Same boat. Nothing showing up and no word from support. Not even an estimate shipping date. I'm totally in the dark.

  • For anyone else finding this later - Support emailed me after 11 days, and then service got really fast. In my case the "on hold" was due to a problem with delivering to my address, but we managed to work that out and now I got my board.

    So, slow initial response, but then fast followup as soon as the dialog had started.

    For anyone else living in Scandinavia, it might be faster/easier to order a board from one of the local dealers (turns out there are a few in Denmark and Sweden).

    As for the board... F¤#"¤# awesome :)

  • @jonas are you danish?

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm in the same basket, have had my order on hold for 2 weeks now with no response - are the team even looking at it?

    Unfortunately from NZ I can't dial the 1800 number so I'm stuck updating a ticket that's not getting responded to.

    Hoping someone here can pick up on this to get some traction!


  • Hey hey, still issues in Scandinavia it seems.

    Same problem, placed my order on the 9th of september. The tracking reported that expected delivery would be on the 10th, and when I checked on the shipping day, the message had changed to "Order on hold - please contact Customer Service".

    I sent a message to customer service on the very same day, but have not heard anything back as of yet. Might be a bit early yet, but wanted to get the word out, and cross my fingers that i receive it by next weekend!


  • So far it's been 13 days since i contacted support, and no answer yet. I sent a message on their Facebook group, and got a reply after 7 days, stating that they were incredibly busy, but that they would look into it. That was 4 days ago today.

    Seems the rest of you got help after about two weeks, so I'm crossing my fingers and hope that something will happen soon! 🤞

  • @StewG did you email or call?

    Calling will get you the best and most immediate results. If you can, ask for Jon he’s the best.

  • @a_onekatie -- i'll second this. calling until you get through, and asking for Jon, was what ultimately got me results.

  • @Franko And if you need a third, that’ll be me!

    Call, they are great on the phone.

  • I emailed them instead of calling. I have the same problem as Jonas (OP), calling them from Norway is both expensive and hard to do, as I'm 9 hours ahead of them. I realize that it would be much better, but I'll wait a few more days before i start calling.

    Appreciate the feedback tough! :)

  • @StewG Call them at 7pm your time, I’d rather spend a small amount of money to get an immediate answer to a problem.

  • @StewG you could always try a wifi phone number app such as textnow or 2ndline.
    I'm not sure if you can call overseas, but being it's over WiFi, as long as your # is a u.s. +1 and area code, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
    This would save you money, and allow you to call.

  • I'll check out the apps, and give them a call. Probably not until tomorrow tough, don't think i'll have time today 😛

    Again, thanks alot! 😃

  • @StewG no problem, best of luck, I hope it works and you can get ahold of them!

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