App for android, WTH?

  • why is the app continually getting worse? use to snap to it in micro seconds, but now it takes a few mins to even register, tried fresh android install and now it wont even read the onewheel. ARRRRGGGGG!!, LG G6, android 7 (still)

  • What do you mean by snap to it?
    Do you talk about starting the app or connecting with the ow?
    I have no problems with the app, it starts instantly and then it takes a few seconds to connect to the board. It seems like it takes longer to connect to the ow if I'm connected to Bluetooth headphones and my watch before but it doesn't take more than 4 seconds.
    I have a Sony x compact with android 8.0.

  • Had issues with my Nexus 5X. My new Pixel 2 works great...

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