Tire compressor recommendations

  • How about some recommendations for keeping our tires pumped? I found using my bicycle pump, plus a gauge, less than convenient. So I will start....

    My recommendation is the Kensun ac/dc portable ($60 on Amazon Prime):


    Works great! Digital preset which, despite what another reviewer says, does keep the last setting stored. I had to unplug it over a week ago, because the outlet I use only has 2 sockets. When I replugged the Kensun today, it still had my previous pressure setting in it.

    It seems solidly built, has a good grip, comes with a storage bag, and works both on home AC and a 12 V car socket. I have not tried the car socket yet, but home current works great. It does not come with a battery, but I have enough batteries to keep charged, didn't really want another one. Oh, and the light on the front is pretty bright.

    The hose screws onto the tire valve. I was concerned about losing air while attaching it, and about how well it would work with the angle of the OW tire stem. Both issues are negligible. When screwing it on, it does not immediately open the valve, only at the very last few turns. Very little, if any, air seems to escape. I do have to pull the tire stem out just a bit to get the hose screwed on, but it doesn't seem overly stressed.

    All in all a perfect purchase for my needs.

  • I have the Ryobi ONE+ inflator / deflator system, it has digital setting for the desired psi and uses same battery as my other cordless tools. No problems from it.

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