Taking battery to 0%

  • I have an Plus and love it but I need to run the battery down once a week to get it to charge to 100%. You're probably all familiar with that. I can get it to 1% but then it takes forever to get it to run out completely. I ride it around my parking garage so I won't be too far from home when it finally dies. Has anyone found a way to run the OneWheel down without riding it. I tried suspending it between to stools and putting a weight on the front pad and tipping it forward but I can't get it to run like that. Has anyone had success running the OneWheel down like this? Thanks

  • @cliff I used to try to run out the battery on almost every ride, because if I didn't, it would show 99/98/97% charged as I charged it for the next rides. What I found, however, was that if it was at, say, 97%, when I got down to 1% it would go quite a ways, almost like 3% more. So, I figured it was actually charging the battery full, but was not reporting it correctly. If I did ride it until almost 0 or until it pushed back, the next charge would be up to 100%.

    Lately, my riding has changed (I moved) in that I don't go on rides that drain the battery down all the way. I now see 99/98/97, then I'll see 99 or 100 other times, seems random, but like I said, I don't ride until it's almost drained anymore.

    I guess my point is that when it was 97% to start, I'd mentally add another 3% during the ride and I was never left stranded. Although, if I have 1% left and I'm nowhere near home, not sure another few percent would get me there anyway! :)

  • @onedan I think you are correct because when I can only charge it to 95 or 97% the last percent takes a long time to get through, like it's really 3 - 5 percent left.

  • Just ride it to 40 charge and then turn around. You should make it home on 0 or kill the battery within walking distance of your point of origin.

    Works like a charm. Have found board to slow around 0 and then just slowly shut off. Was very happy with how it happened and seemed very safe.

  • OK folks, some battery clarification. One: To the board management system (BMS), "100%" is a set amount at the factory. The total voltage of all the cells on a full charge may not equal that set 100% mark. This is not bad, just within tolerance. Two: Zero isn't actually Zero, but more of a "live Zero" which is again set on the BMS. If your battery was actually taken down to Zero, then your charger would not operate as the charger needs some feedback voltage so it knows that it's hooked up to the board and ready to charge. Three: The motor needs a certain amount of voltage to operate efficiently. Too low of voltage can cause too much amperage which can overheat the motor and cause it to shut down. If you noticed, the Onewheel does not have a circuit breaker like other electric mobility devices. If the motor gets into a high amperage situation then the BMS will shut down the board to protect the motor and controls. Sorry if I got off track of the topic, but I see this topic brought frequently and thought I would share.

  • @cliff yes. I’ve done it. I had the BMS out of sync and that’s exactly what I had to do. Suspended between two chairs or between my knees, and run it till it stops. If it shuts off, you power it back on and run it again. Keep repeating until it no longer has any juice to even light the LEDs.

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