Major crash on my board!

  • I was bombing uphill for about 3 miles, smooth road in Delirium mode, I received an alert but I thought it was telling me my battery was low. my battery was still at 47%. I couldn't read the alert because I'm 52 years old and I couldn't read the small alert text without my readers, so I pushed on, uphill at an aggressive grade. Then, within 1 minute of the alert, my board just nose dived! I was on the ground sliding on the cement so fast I didn't even have time to react. My brother-in-law told me that the alert may have been an overheating alert and the board shut down to save the internal hardware. Anyhow, I'm totally road rashed, I have some trepidation about this fall. Anybody know anything to help me out. I want to get back on my board but I have some PTSD, hard crash. I should have stopped and read my alert. this is not an issue with Onewheel. Im not casting blame, I just want to make sure I don't ever experience this nose dive again. Its going to be a month of healing. Advice would be appreciated. thank you all.

  • This story sounds oh so familiar.

    Truth is we've just about all done it.

    Rather than the motor being hot, I bet you just leaned into some push back. Easiest to do a nosedive pushing the limits going up a hill I've found, which makes sense given the board is being worked more.

    Hoping you a speedy recovery, and I can tell you if and when you do get back on the board, you will ride VERY differently. Go full pads and a helmet at all times is my other two cents. Your body is worth it.

  • My only two nosedives were accelerating uphill. This is a known challenge for the board. I would advise taking it easy going uphill.

  • @djtherick2020
    Thank you for your reply. This may be the case, and I detest debating people because I so appreciate the feedback, however, I really don't believe I leaned in too much causing this. The board felt like it just shut down. I ride off road, jump curbs, push it to my boundaries as a rider, and this felt different. It felt like it just nose dived. But I'm not ruling out my own error and Im not pushing the blame on Onewheel because I love the board, the experience and the technology. I was wearing my knee pads, wrist guards and helmet but I was lazy and I did not wear my elbow pads because of my vanity and laziness; huge mistake that I will not make again. I got back out on my board yesterday because I believe that I cannot live in a bubble. And yes, I did ride with trepidation. I hope that this was complete user error and perhaps it was. Had I been wearing full gear, elbow pads and perhaps some type of padded shorts, I would not be dealing with a wound that probably could benefit from a skin graft. This being said, I accept the risks inherent in pursuing sports that are in their tech infancy and forums like this are invaluable to their advancement. Once again, thank you for your feedback.

  • Future models need some sort of audible alert (speaker, piezoelectric, or whatever) when you're approaching pushback or a shutdown limit. Relying on an external device (cell phone) chime isn't enough.

    Love my Onewheel, but given the nature of the board that needs to be a built in feature.

  • if you didn´t wipe them you should still be able to read the alerts

  • If you were riding uphill for several miles it probably overheated. I had the same thing happen to me the other day. I was riding up a mountain in elevated mode for about 2 miles. Got the overheated notification and the board shut off. I was going slow enough so I didn't fall.

  • @reddog they should make the front of the board raise up when you hit pushback.

  • @rado
    Thank you. This helps. how do I access the alert. I didn't wipe the alert. Big help. I was certain that I didn't nose it myself. I appreciate your reply

  • @skyman88 lol. That’s literally the definition of pushback....that’s what it does....although if you are already maxing out the motor, how do you suppose it’s going to be able to accelerate past it’s limit in order to do that?

  • @capodeltoro said in Major crash on my board!:

    @skyman88 lol. That’s literally the definition of pushback....that’s what it does....although if you are already maxing out the motor, how do you suppose it’s going to be able to accelerate past it’s limit in order to do that?

    Sorry for the the </sarcasm> footer. Haha

  • @skyman88 well the problem is that you are separating a function and see it as two.
    There is only one thing here is accelerate to rase the front or slow down to lower it.
    It's not two different motors.
    When you press down on the front the only thing the motor can do is accelerate to keep you level. If you push down on the back, the only thing the one motor can do to keep you level is to break and then go the other direction.
    It's that easy

  • @khayman So if the board beeped at 15mph and had no pushback, you would still greatly increase your risk of nosediving the faster you went? So instead the board raises the nose, physically lets you know you need to make a decision (slow down or push through pushback), and makes you work harder to accelerate.

    If the board beeped at 15mph instead, would everyone slowdown or just keep accelerating? Would you have quick enough reaction time to hear it and physically alter your stance? Pushback by design is great because it helps shift your weight back and makes you as the owner make the decision to continue or slow down.

  • @skyman88 absolutely! I do agree.
    I was answering the comment "they should make the front of the board raise up when you hit pushback".
    I personally think push back works as intended.

  • If the board is about to ditch you, it needs to warn you. Have you felt pushback in Mission? It is very subtle. I took a nosedive today in Mission with no pushback felt. In the original post, the owner said he received an alert on his smartphone, which he confused for low battery warning... Board needs to do better before shutting off on you...

  • @granite Yep! Most of us know from experience you need to take it easy going up hills. @troyhenry

  • @troyhenry on an iphone you swipe top to bottom. don´t know about other phones

  • @michaelw to appreciate the effort it takes to go uphill, take a bicycle and cycle uphill. you quickly appreciate the effort the ow motor is putting in. it has more power still than most cyclists

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