How long I can ride

  • How long I could ride with one wheel XR my weight is 208 lbs and Im 191cm tall. This question walking on my head like ten weeks, cuz I want to buy XR in October but I want to know how long I could ride with full battery. This will be my first One wheel

  • @andersen142 I'm 6ft 200 lbs and regularly ride between 13-16 miles per session in mission, getting about 17-19 miles per charge, my feet go numb way before the battery dies lol. I live in FL and it's really flat here so depending on your terrain your milage may very. Good luck!

  • @andersen142 Thanks !

  • 17-19 miles is really long I live in Poland but I will use my one wheel to ride in town when I will be on studies, but sometime I will do long distance on road like 14 miles

  • I’ve done 15-17 mi with lots of vertical, could get 20+ I think in mission mode on flat ground. I weigh 170lbs.

    This translates to about 2-2.5 hours of riding.

    Using my best riding shoes and carving rather than cruising straight, I’ve been able to keep my feet out of the numb zone for almost 2 hours. I think custom gel inserts might make em last even longer.

  • Oh and with carvepower’s charge n ride kit you can add even more miles of uninterrupted riding heh

  • I'm 6' 260 lbs and I have been averaging 12-14 miles in Delirium, it's pretty flat here in North Dakota. I have nosedived on my XR a couple times in Mission (probably due to my weight, maybe rider error), but Delirium has worked well with no nosedives. I thought I read somewhere that Delirium has more motor torque. Anyway, hope that helps.

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