Took my first nosedive

  • Took a nosedive today. Board is an XR. I am 5'10" and weigh 180lbs. I was going about 15 mph on level asphalt in mission, mainly just carving, no pushback, although I think I was accelerating some. No chance to run it out or try and recover. I had detected some pushback earlier in the ride though, and in general have been riding closer to the edge than I should be (exceeding 19mph on occasion, 19.2 is my indicated all time top speed which I know I didn't hit this ride).

    I was wearing a helmet, sunglasses, long sleeve button up shirt with the sleeves rolled, and long cotton pants. I kind of did a "superman" dive and rode out on my belly for a few feet. On recovery, the board was still "on" and the only notification I had was "wheelslip detected." Took a nick out of the fender, otherwise board looks fine. Road home about a mile with no further issues.

    Inventory: right elbow took the worst and has some significant road rash in an area about the shape and size of a dollar bill (several layers of dermis gone); left elbow, right palm, and both knees missing a dime size patch of skin; half dollar sized road rash on right hip. Couple scratches on right cheek. And the best news is my crank is totally okay.

    Pants and shirt a little ripped up. Belt has some serious scratches on buckle and on leather... my superman slide probably saved me there. Watch has some nice nicks on the case; hopefully we can polish it up a little.

    Overall came out in pretty good shape all things considering. I'm sure I'll bruise up nicely and be sore tomorrow though.

    Wear your protective gear kids! Elbow pads would have saved me the worst damage I've got...

  • @reddog Ouch! Glad you survived. That's disconcerting that Mission would not give you better pushback warning. Maybe those who ride only Delirium have a point re better and later pushback??

  • @wheelrich Yeah it's something to consider...

  • If you got a wheelslip notification then that's what might have caused you to nosedive. If the wheel slipped on something going 15mph when it reconnected to the ground it might have caused you to change your balance and accelerate to compensate which over taxed the motor causing the nose dive. This is why you didn't feel any pushback. Just a theory.

  • Well... it was flat, dry asphalt with no sand or other debris visible. I assumed the wheelslip notification was due to the nose grinding or board flipping while I was off it or in the process of getting off. But you give me something to consider... When I got back up, the board was on, upright, but facing the wrong direction. It must have flipped at least sideways though as a small chunk of the fender (where it screws to the rear of the board) is missing.

  • @reddog Man, are you me? Everything about this - your height/weight, Mission riding mode, level asphalt, top speed, nearly everything is very close to me.

    I had my first and to date only nosedive in December and messed my leading shoulder (fractured ball at the top of the humerus) up bad, still healing.

    The only difference is that I think I overaccelerated from dead stop (I was not cruising when this happened, I was starting back up from letting pedestrians cross a crosswalk in front of me) - I never felt any pushback (and I have felt it before, and I heed it), just went straight down to pavement.

    I wish I knew for sure if the board was on post-crash, but I don't remember, it was a bit of a blur. I was afraid I was going to throw up or black out from the pain of the fracture, and trying to figure out how I was going to ride back home in the dark, to get myself to ER. So I didn't do a good post-crash eval.

    Wear all the safety gear all the time, kids.

    I've switched to Delerium for now since the theory is it may correct rider imbalances sooner than Mission does, since Mission offers that "loose/floaty" feel (which I miss, TBH, since I ride on pavement mostly). I also added Fangs, I think they could potentially have minimized the damage I did. And I really pay close attention to stance now, and always butt my front foot up against the fender and put my back foot on the very edge of the tail.

  • Sorry to hear guys, but welcome to the club. This thing is like a’s not “if” you go down; but “when”...I hope you figure out the cause to prevent it in the future. Good, informative, post!

  • @capodeltoro Yup. You can't ride these things and then be surprised when they throw you. Safety great is a must; plan for the fall.

  • @glyph So after taking my watch to the shop, and buying a new pair of pants and shirt (we're in the middle of moving, so living light), I took it out in Delirium for a bit. Definitely different. It's louder for one thing, even at a standstill, and it grabs you when you come up level where Mission is a smooth transition.
    I didn't mind it when carving around though. I'll probably stay in it if folks think it's a little safer. I reset my top speed alert... I definitely think I was going 15mph-ish (maybe 16). I don't think I was faster, and if I had been I'd have likely broken something.

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