OWing in Sweden.

  • I f..king love this machine!
    I had it for 2 month now and it's so much fun!
    I've seen other doing beautiful films on there tracks so this I wanted to try to just remember how much fun I had if I can't do it anymore in the future.
    But I realized that filming is an art! This didn't turn out to good on my Android phone and it looks like it goes so slow.
    When I'm on the board it really feels like I go so much faster 😁
    Well I'm am to be 46 in August but only weight 69kg so it can really take me up those hills.
    Filming is not something I will continue to do but it's a fun memory from this summer.
    Sorry for any language errors, I am from Sweden.

  • @khayman that looks like so much fun, what a great set of trails you have there! To me, it looks plenty fast. Yes, not as fast as the pro videos we see posted, but I was imagining myself on my board while watching and it felt "fast enough"!

    I have over 1000 miles on my + and I agree, it's so much fun, I don't ever want to stop riding!

    Enjoy those happy trails,

  • Nice video! You are an excellent OWer. That is a great memory. Beautiful surroundings.

  • Thank you very much for your kind words @OneDan and @wheelrich and if you ever visit my part of Sweden I'll show you around the tracks 😁

    And yes it's amazing to watch those pro's!

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