Crashed Into A Glass Table

  • Apparently riding OW in your apartment can have it's downside...I lost my balance momentarily and my butt went right through a glass Luckily I walked away with minor bruising and some cuts. As well as a lot of shards to clean up. Has anyone else done something stupid yet kind of funny on their OW?

  • No video?! Damit!! lol... glad your ok :) Lucky for me no glass tables in my house.

  • @MichaelW Thanks man! I was going to take pics but I thought I'd leave it up for imagination :)

  • Few weeks ago I was riding next to a guard rail on the side of a bridge and I hit a bump and my foot came off the sensor.. Well, I hit the rail with my stomach and did a close pin nearly knocking the wind out of myself.. It didn't feel good

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