DIY scrap wood car/travel holder $0, 10 minutes

  • I grabbed a beer, my jigsaw, some scrap wood and very quickly had something that works perfectly: I no longer have a board rolling around in my trunk.

    The source of the wood was 1x12 cedar boards left over from a house project. A depth of 2 boards (from the outter edge of the frame rail) is sufficient to get the tire sitting on the wood, which gives it really good stability. I didn't even measure anything just eyeballed it all.

    2_1531758403218_IMG_3073.jpg 1_1531758403218_IMG_3074.jpg 0_1531758403218_IMG_3075.jpg

  • Looks awesome! I've got a beach vacation coming up in August that I'll be taking my OW with me on. I was wondering whether this was needed and shuddered at the $70 price tag on the site. Seems like it's pretty easy to create something that does the trick. Nice work!!

  • Nice job. I do have the OW pricey version. And while I agree, it is way overpriced, it works extremely well. Minimal size, like this one, and perfectly fits the side of the wheel. Fairly sturdy plastic material. It has rubber on the bottom, which does a pretty good job of keeping it from sliding around in the back of my Jeep.

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