Got hit by a car yesterday.. need advice for getting tire back on rim?

  • Long story short I got mowed down yesterday by a distracted driver(hit and run).. I'm banged up pretty good but my board got the worse.. it ended up pined between the ground and the cars tire.. board is scraped up even more then it was.. foot pads are shredded to shit and need to be replaced but what I'm really struggling with is reseating the tire back on the motor.. it got pushed inward partly on one side.. it still holds air just fine but I don't want to damage it trying to fix it with a flat head.. its on properly except for a small part of it that was pushed in from the weight of the car.. there doesn't seem to be any damage to the motor/rim.. I have since turned it back on and tested it on a bench and it works just fine but am struggling with the tire.

    any tips for getting it back on properly would be greatly appreciated!

    alt text

  • @gluebreath

    Glad to hear you're alright. You can try just using a higher pressure to seat the bead, 50-90 psi might be needed. If that doesn't work, you may need to remove the tire/motor from the board completely and add some slime or other lubricant to help the tire seat. You will still need the high pressure to get the bead on. YouTube has a bunch of videos on this if you do it yourself.

    If you're in warranty period, you could reach out to FM for support.

  • @gluebreath glad your ok and hope your able to get your wheel fixed soon!

  • Just add air until it pops on. It may be a very high psi, like 80-100psi.

  • Thanks for the kind words.. filling it with 80-90 psi did the trick!.. thank you all for the advice.. I didn't think to try a higher psi out of fear of damaging the tire.

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