Any local laws against Onewheel?

  • Suddenly everywhere i ride somebody has a problem with the Onewheel (after months with no issue, on the same trails?)

    This time I was heading through the cemetery I always go through on my way to the river. Other groundskeepers have cheerfully waved but the chud working yesterday just pointed and shouted "NO! NO!"

    OK Fine, you chud, I'll ride somewhere else and guests of your cemetery will no longer be privileged to witness the magic of my carving. nyah!

  • @Glyph said in Any local laws against Onewheel?:

    One thing that stinks, is that FM refers to the OW on their website as "the best motorized skateboard" (when IMO it's not really a skateboard, since it doesn't have skate trucks/wheels). So trying to pull the "it's not a skateboard!" defense if you get busted in a no-skateboard area might pose a problem, since the company itself says it is. I wish FM would update that wording.

    Another is, I think "motor vehicle" is a legal term of art, so like that dude in FL says, in that state that's defined as "two or more wheels, can go > 20 MPH".

    But a lot of places forbid "motorized vehicles" - it's hard to argue that a OneWheel is not a vehicle, which is motorized.

    Respect is an unspoken act that can save me time and money. Nice people get accpted doing something illegal and on the flipside annoying people get scrutinized for existing.

    I wouldnt like to waste my time in court rooms trying to prove things. Id rather be somewhere wheeling around than twiddling me thumbs and trying to convince people of my rights.

  • @fruitygreen We all owe it to each to always be courteous and defer to pedestrians, etc. This has gone a long way but there's just no convincing some old ladies, they love to chew me out.

  • "Kill them with kindness"

  • In California, AB-604 seems to classify the Onewheel as an “electrically motorized board”, and has it's own set of rules. Segway is classified seperately as an “electric personal assistive mobility device”. There are also different specific rules for Electric Bikes, and clarification that an electrically motorized board is NOT an electric skateboard. There is still a lot of grey area in the bill, but the primary problem I found is CVC 21113, allowing any government agency or local authority to make their own rules overriding any state regulations. Unfortunately it's easier for those in power to just say no with a blanket ban discriminating on anything not human powered until technology becomes more formally adopted and accepted, or not :-( Rental E-scooter and bike/ e-bike regulations in urban areas could also impact future regulations for better or worse. I say claim ignorance and ride in bliss unless you see a specific sign posted

  • @readysetawesome said in Any local laws against Onewheel?:

    @fruitygreen We all owe it to each to always be courteous and defer to pedestrians, etc. This has gone a long way but there's just no convincing some old ladies, they love to chew me out.

    So true. Regulation tends to only follow issues—it is rare for any government (in the states) to take preemptive measures against something new.
    If we yield to pedestrians, don’t mess with traffic, don’t destroy public or private property, and be courteous to law enforcement—we should be OK as a community.

    Unfortunately, all you need is one jerk to screw the whole thing up for everyone. Remember, we all had to take our shoes off at airports because one idiot tried to blow his sneakers up on a plane. And we can’t fly with our XRs because hoverboard knock-offs cut corners with their battery cells.

  • @SirWheelGuy23 I honestly thought I was the only onewheel rider in N.E OH!

    I've been riding my OW on paved bike paths in Medina as well the roads in my neighborhood and nobody seems to have a problem with it. My main concern is whether or not we're able to ride on off-road trails or MTB trails.

    I called in to one of the offices for a MTB trail trying to explain what a onewheel was and I was constantly being cut off by the statement "we do not allow mopeds". It seems as if lack of understanding is our biggest issue

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  • @SirWheelGuy23 I an near 40 had my leg reattached a few times along with over 80 other breaks over time from enjoying life by doing challenging things.

    Now I got a OW+ XR for fun and to get around without using a cane or when I need or want to go longer distances.

    But I live in Las Vegas now and getting the local business to treat me with respect vs telling me "I'm not handicapped enough to use my own electric vehicle scooter" or "use our peace of shit one and look like an invilid or we won't let you in the store"

    But Store owner I have the law on my side and it says my OneWheel is a valid ADA scooter.

    They don't want to hear it they refuse to read a short paragraph that says Im right. - For God sakes, it has a big picture for the Assholes that cant read.

    Now I'm getting a handicap ID even though I shouldn't have to by law.
    will Try again when I got the ID if that doesn't work I'm left with little recourse but to sue the shit out of some Casinos and grocery/hardware/walmart stores.

    Pissis me off us OneWheelers are not skateboarders, we can move in ways needed to get around small enclosed places. A skateboard can't do that unless you pick it up and turn it. Not to mention ours are quite. and I don't drive fast in stores I keep it down to 5mph or so.

  • It’s awesome to hear that people are using these as adaptive equipment!
    I am a COTA and work with lots of people with mobility issues. Can’t wait to see more of this!
    Such a cool and innovative piece of equipment

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