First real crash on the +

  • 6 months in, and maybe 700 miles, I've had my first significant crash. I know the street well, I knew it had a nasty section of concrete patches. Close to the curb, all of the sections of concrete are buckling and have some pretty serious height differentials. I knew I was going down when I saw it, had enough time to slow down and prepare at least, probably hit going 15 mph. Went off a ramp of concrete, board caught air, landed and it got super squirrely, almost like speed wobbles on a skateboard. Then I was airborne. Landed on my hip, and then hit my helmet hard enough to crack it almost in half. Really, really glad I was wearing the helmet. Hip hurts a little, but I feel pretty lucky.

  • Good you're OK. My last crash with 21mph healed 3 weeks, but nothing bad happened. Lot of road rash and lot of bruises. Heal good!

  • @510-1-whl wow, glad you're ok!

  • Welp.

    Two more crashes, back to back this morning. One right out the gate, from the driveway to the street, hit the speed bump and bang I'm on my face. This happened once before in the exact same spot, just as I was learning.

    Second one happened not two blocks later, crossing the street. From stop, to start, to back... I don't know how I ended up on my back, but got the wind a little knocked out of me. The board kept going maybe 15 feet skidding under power, and then was OFF when I got to it. I don't remember any of my previous crashes making the OW+ turn off.

    In both falls, I was going from stop to start, and with a relative incline involved. I often get the footpad sensor warnings, but I'd never really worried about them, thinking that I'm just a little light at 130 lbs and with small feet US Mens 8. So I've called FutureMotion, and a nice lady is sending me an email with how to test the sensors at home. Will go from there.

    Anyone else have back to back crashes out of the blue? Ever have your OW turn off after a nasty crash? Is that indicative of a sensor malfunction?

  • @510-1-whl

    Based on the experiences on Facebook, if the board is completely off it can be a control module failure.

    You should be able to see which sensor has pressure applied to it on the app or just try using your hand to engage and disengage the sensors with out you needing to be on the board.

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