My OneWheel + XR worked beautifully until 3 weeks ago ......:(

  • My OneWheel + XR arrived in mid April and worked beautifully but over 3 weeks ago now it wouldn't charge or even turn on! I alerted immediatlly and to date haven't even received a response from them. The issue happened on July 4, 2018 and I wrote to them then and very disappointed and concerned as to what's wrong and miss riding :(
    I've been a staunch advocate of the product and company since early 2015 and own two onewheels.....when connected to charger it just blinks in 16 time intervals and won't turn on...... any suggestions??

  • @balboajoe call them

  • @ooww Will do today!

  • @balboajoe Agree with @ooww . . . had a squeaking issue when I first got my + . . . just kept calling until I got a person and got a return shipping label right away. Then kept calling a few days later and it got sent back to me . . . total time away, less than a week (tho I'm in CA, so YMMV).

  • @onedan That's good news, so when I called I got a CSR named Cole who was very sympathetic and apologetic about my issue and having no response for 3 weeks and after discussing the issue in detail I quickly received an email from a Mary who sent me a Fedex shipping label same day. Although her email did indicate I would have to pay for shipping, not sure if that means both ways or not but either way seems a bit unfair if it is indeed a manufacturing issue which fully I expect. It's only 3 months old and worked perfectly until it suddenly decided not to turn on or charge. I'm in Laguna Beach CA so hopefully the turnaround is similar to yours! At least I have my OW classic to keep me riding until then although I really recognize the performance difference now......

  • @balboajoe Interesting . . . mine was under warranty and they paid the freight both ways . . . not sure why you would have to unless they changed the rules.

    Good luck!

  • @onedan Thanks, and I'm assuming mine is under full warranty as well, I only had it 3 months and don't abuse it whatsoever. Matter of fact my OW Classic (purchased in mid 2015) still works perfectly fine with good battery life. I only had to replace the tire once due to wear 'n tear as well as the foot pads. We'll see.....

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