New Rider - First Pushback

  • My XR arrived in mid June - 58 year old newbie rider - almost 50 miles on it now. It was a steep learning curve - never into board sports.

    I was putzin' around some paved neighborhood streets yesterday and experienced my first pushback (several times) - recognized it right off. The OW engineers did a great job of programming this in - very gentle & subtle. Anyway, it felt like kind of a milestone in my learning curve.

  • What shaping mode were you in?

  • Delirium

  • I experienced my first pushback today.
    I was riding my XR around the beach all day. Came home, hosed it off, took it for a spin to dry it off around my block.
    I hadn’t checked my battery level all day.
    As I was riding around the block, the nose pushed up—like a dummy, I initially tried to push it down but couldn’t (thankfully) then it dawned on me; “oh! This is the pushback I read about!”
    Immediately stopped, came inside and checked the battery level. It was at 1%
    Only the 3rd day with my XR and I am so impressed with the experience design. It is just so intuitive.
    Well done Future Motion!

  • @eckit

    Yeah it's well done and doesn't require you to hear it, making it great when you are listening to music or in traffic.

    Careful with the water on your XR... water damage highlighted in the manual. Recommend you wait before charging at the least if you are exposing the board to water.

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