Smartwatch speed warning app search

  • I'm shopping for a smartwatch, to indicate by alarm if I exceed 18 mph; I had no idea I was going 19.5 in mission when it dived. Luckily, it was smooth and I was able to ride the nose before turning into Usain Somersolt. Anyone have an app they recommend or a smartwatch that they use for this purpose?

  • @dfheezy I use OneWheelWear on my Wear OS watch. It doesn't have a speed warning feature, but the author is pretty open to suggestions and he's working on a new release. I had the same issue, but totally bought it going 22 mph. I opened a topic on this forum asking for a customizable speed warning in the FM supported app, but was completely ignored by FM (as most such requests seem to be), despite a bunch of people chiming in with agreement. Having my current speed on my wrist is the next best thing. I tend to keep my speed at or below 16 mph anymore, just to be safe.

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