Nosedives on XR vs. the Plus - Rider Experience Feedback Solicited

  • @skyman88 - Thanks! I ordered my XR yesterday (I have a + now) , so in any case I am going to find out for myself soon, but I am still curious as to what the community thinks on this question.

    The "more power in both modes" is intriguing. Since I am still healing from a bad nosedive in December and a little gun-shy, I have switched to Delirium on my + because the general consensus seems to be that that mode may be slightly less nosedive-prone.

    But, I ride primarily on pavement and I miss the looser, floatier feel of Mission a lot there. I'd really like to go back to it once I am fully confident again. (For off-road, Delirium is always best for me).

  • @glyph How as were you going in Mission... that's always the first question?

  • @skyman88 - not fast at all. What I am pretty sure I did, based on thinking back and reading through the forums, was overaccelerate from dead stop (I had stopped to let pedestrians cross a crosswalk, and was starting up again from there). I think I lead-footed it ever so slightly (and perhaps my front foot had shifted forward some, this was at the end of a long fast ride) and overwhelmed the board's ability to both thrust and balance. Never felt any pushback at all when this happened (and I have felt pushback, and heeded it, in other conditions when moving at speed - my high speed is 19.5 MPH). Went straight down to pavement on my leading shoulder, all 180# of me. Fractured the humerus, at the ball where it goes into the shoulder socket - the bone is long healed, but the shoulder froze up while immobilized, and I still experience stiffness/soreness/weakness/reduced range of motion in that joint, maybe always will.

    Others have noted that this (taking off too fast from a dead stop) is a known failure scenario, and one guy even seems to have demonstrated a voltage sag that can occur under similar conditions, where the board just more or less briefly gives out or "dims", because there's not sufficient power to perform its usual functions.

    I went back and looked at the spot to see if the pavement was uneven or there was gravel or something that could have caused wheelslip, but didn't notice any. The whole thing caught me totally off-guard; in a weird way, I wish I would have had a nosedive or two early on, so I would maybe have been more prepared a few hundred miles in.

  • @glyph I have only done this type of nosedive on the XR! But same exact scenario. Tail end of a super long day in Boston, was getting annoyed with the phone Zombies on the sidewalk and then ate it going around a couple of them. I know it was acceleration induced but it was a surprise.

  • @skyman88 well, dang. I certainly hope to remember to never screw up in this particular way again, and I have installed Fangs in case I do (and in another thread, OneDan reports Fangs successfully saving his butt in just this scenario), but it's disappointing to hear you got caught by the same error on an XR. Were you in Mission or Delirium when this happened?

  • @glyph You know, in my recent quick acceleration nosedive event (where I was saved by the fangs), I was a few blocks from home after a long ride. The first time this happened (Aug of 2017), I had a total of 90 miles on my +. But now that I think about it, it was the end of a long ride and I was within site of my house.

    While I'm sure you can make this happen on purpose (on any OW board) by slamming down the front end, perhaps the fact that the batteries are nearing depletion makes this scenario just that little bit more likely.

    While I hope the fangs will save me again (never know, might be on grass/gravel or near a sidewalk bump), I'm trying to make sure I stay conscious of the fact that initial acceleration should never be rushed!

    Everyone be careful out there!

  • @glyph

    Mission. I know it was me exceeding the boards capability. There were a bunch of factors that but the main ones were mental and physical fatigue... my nosedive on my OW+ was due to distraction and feeling overly comfortable/confident.

    Learn the limits of the board and respect them... which ever way fits your riding style. Do that and you'll stay upright.

  • @skyman88 said in Nosedives on XR vs. the Plus - Rider Experience Feedback Solicited:

    my nosedive on my OW+ was due to distraction and feeling overly comfortable/confident.

    This is exactly what caught me out too, I am pretty sure.

  • @OneDan

    Gonna have to say no. On my OW+ I had two nosedives this morning, fresh battery. First one was literal nosedive from stop to start going up a speed bump and landed on my face. Second was 2 blocks later crossing a street, from stop to start to on my back... So I don't think its low battery related at all.

  • I have had 2 nosedives on my XR but that were my faults. First nosedive was happened because of leaning too much to accelerate. Second nosedive was happened because of an unexpected pothole with too high air pressure (I weigh 125 lbs but air pressure was 22psi).

  • Same amount of nosedives on XR vs OW+. I've ridden so long I can usually run them out or regain control. They usually happen when going uphill and hit some hole in the road, just not enough power to get over 'em. OW+ I rode almost always in Mission, for XR, it's almost all Delerium.

    Also, by far, most falls are from washouts - slipping on gravel, stuff like that, from losing traction...

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