Sudden Power Loss +XR Pavement Hurts...

  • Okay guys,

    I got my XR in early June and have put over 400 miles on it already. It has been nothing short of a dream come true. I feel so at home when I'm riding this machine. Pure buttery goodness. HOWEVER, last week was the first time I second guessed this purchase. I was riding around 15-18 mph (80% charge) and the board suddenly shut off and nosedived. I managed to tuck and roll to avoid any serious injury. Could have been way worse... I've experienced nosedives before but this was different. The board completely failed and won't turn back on or charge. I'm sending it back to Future Motion this week for a diagnosis. Not going to lie, I'm hesitant to ride this thing again. I've had nothing but confidence in this product since day 1, but I can't have the board shutting down on me again.

    I'm also worried about the cost of fixing this board. I payed a fat stack for this machine and don't wanna dump more money if this is a recurring issue. It is still under warranty but I was not given a clear answer about coverage. We will see how much longer this ride goes..

  • @theoneinmn

    Sorry to hear about the nose dive. Board should be covered under warranty. Please post up when you hear back from FM

  • That really truly sucks, FM will usually make it right, just keep calling and bugging them until they provide a shipping label.

    In my experience, ongoing repairs are not typically required for their products. I have two OW+ each with 1200+ miles and neither one has ever malfunctioned electronically, even after getting seriously roughed up and used in extreme conditions. My XR has about 400 miles as well and is also solid. Of course, that could always change, fingers crossed for both of us.

  • @TheONEinMN
    Did you feel any surge prior to shut down? I have felt this more when only around 20% as voltage drops a bit more. Also was your ride up hill or over rougher ground (I feel small surges here on the XR depending on my acceleration amount)? I try to respect the push back in delirium at about 14.5 to 15.2 MPH so I have not seen above 15.2 yet....

  • @TheONEinMN Forgot to mention, if the board is completely off after a fail, typically the control module needs to be replaced.

    Any word back from FM?

  • @LidPhones I felt no surge or pushback whatsoever. As an advanced rider, I'm quite familiar with the limits of the board and do my best to respect them. The board was nearly fully charged when the incident occurred. Most of the nosedives i've had have been on 20% power or less, and mostly on uphill inclines. This was flat ground cruising on smooth pavement, no warning, just failure..

  • @readysetawesome Ya man it is a bummer. FM has the board now. Still waiting to hear about the damage and potential cost of fixing. Really hope this doesn't break the bank..

  • @skyman88 Any idea if the control module is covered under warranty? FM has the board but they have not specified the issue. Still waiting on them at this point.. fingers crossed that they will resolve this issue at no cost.

  • @TheONEinMN
    Sounds like something is not 100% with the controller. Hopefully FM has your back on the fix. Following to see the result.

  • @TheONEinMN unless it's water damage, you should be covered by warranty. I believe the board is 1 year and the footpads are 6 months.