Sudden Power Loss +XR Pavement Hurts...

  • Okay guys,

    I got my XR in early June and have put over 400 miles on it already. It has been nothing short of a dream come true. I feel so at home when I'm riding this machine. Pure buttery goodness. HOWEVER, last week was the first time I second guessed this purchase. I was riding around 15-18 mph (80% charge) and the board suddenly shut off and nosedived. I managed to tuck and roll to avoid any serious injury. Could have been way worse... I've experienced nosedives before but this was different. The board completely failed and won't turn back on or charge. I'm sending it back to Future Motion this week for a diagnosis. Not going to lie, I'm hesitant to ride this thing again. I've had nothing but confidence in this product since day 1, but I can't have the board shutting down on me again.

    I'm also worried about the cost of fixing this board. I payed a fat stack for this machine and don't wanna dump more money if this is a recurring issue. It is still under warranty but I was not given a clear answer about coverage. We will see how much longer this ride goes..

  • @theoneinmn

    Sorry to hear about the nose dive. Board should be covered under warranty. Please post up when you hear back from FM

  • That really truly sucks, FM will usually make it right, just keep calling and bugging them until they provide a shipping label.

    In my experience, ongoing repairs are not typically required for their products. I have two OW+ each with 1200+ miles and neither one has ever malfunctioned electronically, even after getting seriously roughed up and used in extreme conditions. My XR has about 400 miles as well and is also solid. Of course, that could always change, fingers crossed for both of us.

  • @TheONEinMN
    Did you feel any surge prior to shut down? I have felt this more when only around 20% as voltage drops a bit more. Also was your ride up hill or over rougher ground (I feel small surges here on the XR depending on my acceleration amount)? I try to respect the push back in delirium at about 14.5 to 15.2 MPH so I have not seen above 15.2 yet....

  • @TheONEinMN Forgot to mention, if the board is completely off after a fail, typically the control module needs to be replaced.

    Any word back from FM?

  • @LidPhones I felt no surge or pushback whatsoever. As an advanced rider, I'm quite familiar with the limits of the board and do my best to respect them. The board was nearly fully charged when the incident occurred. Most of the nosedives i've had have been on 20% power or less, and mostly on uphill inclines. This was flat ground cruising on smooth pavement, no warning, just failure..

  • @readysetawesome Ya man it is a bummer. FM has the board now. Still waiting to hear about the damage and potential cost of fixing. Really hope this doesn't break the bank..

  • @skyman88 Any idea if the control module is covered under warranty? FM has the board but they have not specified the issue. Still waiting on them at this point.. fingers crossed that they will resolve this issue at no cost.

  • @TheONEinMN
    Sounds like something is not 100% with the controller. Hopefully FM has your back on the fix. Following to see the result.

  • @TheONEinMN unless it's water damage, you should be covered by warranty. I believe the board is 1 year and the footpads are 6 months.

  • @LidPhones Turns out that the controller component failed. Future Motion is charging me nearly $300 to get my board back because the controller component was broken from "physical damage". The board shut off during a calm run on smooth pavement. The crash that followed from the failure may have caused additional damage to the controller, but I think it is very unreasonable to charge when this component is covered under warranty. Waiting to hear back from FM to see if they are willing to help me out.. Sounds like I am going to have to cough up some more change. Extremely disappointed..

  • @TheONEinMN
    Wow, FM should reduce or zero out that amount given that the damage before or after the part failing may be hard to nail down. Good luck...

  • @LidPhones what is the deal with the surges? I used to think they were a precursor to nosedives, kind of like an early warning. But since I put in two-x upgrade (into my plus) I have yet to nosedive at all. But, I can still get it to surge, albeit a lot more rarely, when going up steep hills for example. the upgrade felt much more powerful at first but I got used to it pretty quick, now I find I'm back pushing the limits again, even if they are higher limits.

    But I can def find those limits and occasionally it will surge. But so far never leads to nosedive even if I keep pushing. Maybe I'll get a darwin award when I nosedive my two-x by oblivious surging ;)

  • @actionbrad
    My feel on surging for an XR or similar OW with higher voltage over a standard 750 Watt with ~ 50 VDC stock battery is the board can now lug through a nosedive (over torque) situation if not sustained. I feel the surge almost alway up hill on uneven ground with slight acceleration. I have learned to ease into up hills as I am a heavier rider @ ~ 230 lbs.

  • @LidPhones I have emailed them three times this week asking if FM would be willing to see this through and help out a loyal customer. I have yet to see a response. It seems that they intend to ignore me until I am willing to pay the $300 to get the board back. It's discouraging.. but I don't know if I have any other option at this point. Love the product, but the customer service is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

  • @TheONEinMN It has been my experience that they don't respond quickly (sometimes ever) to emails. Call them and don't give up until you speak to someone to present your case. Just my 2 cents. :)

  • @TheONEinMN, like @OneDan recommends

    Give them a call.... In past matters posted in the Forum @Future-Motion support has been very supportive.

  • @TheONEinMN this is BS. I do not know if you also follow on the Facebook forums, but this is becoming an increasingly common issue with the XR. Supposedly, it was the old firmware in the controller that was blamed. This seems not to entirely explain this issue. I have about 550 miles on my XR, and the last thing I need is for it to die on me while I'm in the middle of the street. I fully accept the dangers of nosediving, especially when you know it's my fault. But I don't exceed pushback and I ride responsibly. Having a controller for no apparent reason just die mid ride is not an acceptable thing. Especially when it looks like it maybe up to 10% of XR boards. No product can be perfect, and I understand that things could happen, this seems to be way too large a number for them to ignore. The fact that they are not doing this completely free for you, being that they know this is a very common known issue is also a little ridiculous. The spirit of this product is people having fun enjoying floating and being free. This seems like very petty price gauging.

  • @Solemero I agree 100%. After all of this fuss, they were only willing to cover shipping and labor. I still got stuck with a $185 bill to get the board fixed.. and I paid in full for the product only 2 months ago. The warranty is BS, and at this point I just had to bite my tongue and drop the cash to get this nightmare over with. I will be riding much more cautiously to avoid having to go through this repair process again. Sheeeesh..

  • @TheONEinMN sorry to hear they are not standing behind the warranty. Seems like they are struggling with growth and customer support. I am feeling very uncomfortable with my purchase now as I hear about the faults and lack of warranty backing. Not sure I can be a promoter anymore until FM addresses this properly.

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