Dog attacked me

  • I was riding past a dude, slowed to my typical respectful 3mph passing speed. His vicious dog launched at my knee, grabbed it and twisted. I fucking lost it when he deflected with “not my dog”... “it’s attached to your arm! Shorten that leash up!”

    So I think in the future I will not slow down for dogs, it’s safer to get past more quickly 🤷‍♂️

  • Btw I was wearing jeans, luckily, and suffered only a small cut and some bruises

  • Glad you are not to bad off. I am always a little cautious around People with Dogs on trails. I am sure the OW freaks the Dogs out so I keep distance and about 10 MPH (maybe a bit less).

  • “Not my dog”... woulda got them and they dog they are watching ass whopped!

    Def a better person than me!

  • @LA-Dreads Don't get me wrong, I was definitely thinking about the pedal wrench I keep in my secret pocket...

  • @readysetawesome I have a pedal wrench. That would definitely do the job.

  • For some unknown reason some dogs get freaked out by the board. I was in a field riding and some moron's dog came flying at me. I jumped off, held the dog at bay while the owner casually sauntered over to me (while his dog was barking at me). I said, "I guess he doesn't like the Onewheel". He was like "Yeah, I guess so". We chewed the fat a bit and I got back on, same thing, dog come at me. He didn't seem to worry at all. If it wasn't my neighborhood, I probably would yelled at him.

    Unrelated, but I ride around a Lake where there is a road next to the side walk. More often than not as I pass by dogs they lunge at me. I'd say about 60% will come after me.

    If I see a big or aggressive looking dog, I pull over hop off the board and wait for the dog to go by. Gotta be careful you don't swear out into traffic avoiding a dog. Some dog owner suck, as such you need to watch out.

  • It's a tire, tail light and an ankle all located closer together than any dog has ever before seen. Dog logic clearly dictates that it is time to attack! This is why I own multiple bottles of mace and always ride with a full bottle in my right pocket(regular stance). I use a kitcken scale to determine how many shots are left in a bottle so I always have enough. I live in the country, in the south, so there are literally dozens of dogs loose on my road and every road in range. When a dog comes at me I just stop and wait and spray it in the face hard. Sorry doggies, but I like my legs. They do seem to learn this way and hopefully this makes them safer in the future. Won't help if it's already on you but if you see it coming you can stop it this way.

  • I had the exact same thing happened to me. Except he bit me in the arm got me real good hospital trip.

  • Same! Dogs seems to dislike the Onewheel. Perhaps it also has something to do with the high pitched electrical noise the Onewheel produces?

  • I have a carry permit and always pack when I'm riding. It's a Star (really small and sort of girlyman looking) .45 that fits in my back pocket cocked and locked. Little dogs, I stop, get off and try to kick them. Big dogs: If I think a big dog is going to send me to the ER he's going to Doggy Heaven. When I'm riding on country roads I practice shooting while riding, usually at road signs that already have bullet holes in them (I live in redneck country).

  • I used to run into strays a lot when I ran every day. I had been attacked a few times but always managed to get away with minor injuries. Then one day when I was running with my dogs, one of my neighbors jumped out and tried to stab my dogs because they were barking at his cat. I had them on a leash and managed to pull them away from him before he could land anything. I started carrying pepper spray that day and have used it several times on aggressive dogs. They stop immediately and rub their faces in the ground. No permanent injuries. No police. No guilt. Best of all, that dog never chases me again.

  • @Hamasvjnga I like this idea better than just shooting a dog that might not know any better. This way shows them very quickly that that’s not the kind of behavior anybody wants.

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