Replaceable wear 'plates' to protect the aluminum rails.

  • I realize this would require a change in design, but it would make an already very durable product even more robust and help it look nicer longer. A replaceable/sacrificial plastic wear plate attached near the ends of the aluminum rails, smaller than the size of the plastic 'ONEWHEEL+' emblem, but extending both higher toward the foot pads and lower toward the underside of the bumper - would keep those rails looking great and make them last longer.

    These are needed even more because the rails are not a part that can be purchased (except for after-market/3rd party.)

    I realize the float sidekicks are probably a great product, but I think something similar to what I have described would be more aesthetically pleasing.

  • The sidekicks completely cover the rails...sides, top and bottom. Replacement bumpers can be purchased from Future Motion.

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