XR constantly losing app connection?

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    Sucks. Just got my XR and I'm having trouble keeping a solid connection to the app. When I first start off, it's very difficult to connect. As I'm riding, I'll take out my phone to see what the numbers say and it has the "reconnecting..." screen of death. What this means is as I'm riding, I don't maintain a connection at all and thus I can't get any alerts (footpad sensor, over regen, %50 battery, etc...). It's only when I take out my phone to look at the app does it connect. As soon as I put my phone in my pocket (with the screen locked), I've lost connection!

    To rule out it's my phone, I test it with my OW+ and it works fine. The + keeps a constant connection and gives me alerts along the way (w/o me having to proactively look at the app).

    @danner did you get this bluetooth issue resolved? Is anyone else having dropping connections btwn the board and the app?

    The board rides fine, but I just can't ride without the app. And having to reconnect every time I pull out my phone is really annoying and impractical.

    Even while holding the phone in my hand with the app open, it still loses connection and constantly shows "reconnecting..."


  • Which iPhone models are you guys using? Might be good to be specific so people can see if there is a pattern here.

    I use a X and it works fine. Also use an Apple watch 2, which works ok, as long as a text, etc. doesn't override the display.

  • I'm using Android 8.1.0. I've been using it with my + and it works fine. So I have ruled out the phone. I haven't tested it with an iPhone. Shouldn't matter anyways. I'm not going to buy an iPhone just so it's compatible. Android should work regardless.

  • @wheelrich said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    I use a X

    A X what? A Sony X or Huawei X or iPhone X?

  • I use android 8.0 and that works great to!

  • @Khayman as I said..."which iPhone ...I use a X "(ten).

    I forgot these also work on Androids. But still a good idea to specify and see if anyone else is having problems with this specific combination. Don't assume because something works on one model, it will be flawless on another. Technology can be very finicky and unpredictable at times, and much of the electronics in the XR is different that the previous models.

  • @wheelrich said in XR constantly losing app connection?:

    I said..."which iPhone

    OH! So you mean I should start to read everything you said before I comment? Well I wouldn't be me if I did 😜
    Just kidding! I missed that part👍🏻sorry

  • @Khayman lol. No prob. I do that all the time myself, so I can't throw stones at you!

  • I have an iPhone 6s Plus that worked great with my OW+, and I have initial connection issues with my XR. Usually have to go through a solid 10-15 minutes of closing out the app, restarting bluetooth and restarting the board in no special order to finally get them to talk. Once connected it's solid, but sometimes I just say f' it and ride without the connection. Does anyone know what version of BT the XR uses? I think the 6s Plus is 4.1, so if the XR is a higher version it may be having problems clocking down?

  • I'm using android (Pixel 2), got no connection problems so far.